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    Twin Peaks

    We almost had Sherilyn Fenn this year before she dropped out, but have not really had many others from Twin Peaks at any SM shows. With the fantastic news that the show will be returning in 2016, now is the time to get these actors over. Either spread throughout the regular shows, or as part of a Twin Peaks special reunion. Get them as guests now, before they return to the show and become in-demand. And how popular would David Lynch himself be at a signing?
  2. With DSTL3 uploaded to the online JPEG store within 2 days, can we perhaps have the photos from DSTL1 now? I always justified the delay in uploading them by saying it was such a massive show and would take so long to organise the photos. Now we have seen how quickly they can be put online, can we either have the first show's photos uploaded, or at least have some sort of explanation as to why they are still outstanding 2 years on? Some amazing photos from that show, like the original bridge set with William Shatner!
  3. Zagreus

    Photo-only guests?

    I noticed that Geoffrey Bayldon is attending a signing show, and due to his age and ability, is not signing autographs. However he is happy to meet fans and pose for photos. I'm wondering if perhaps this might be an option for SM, for certain guests who are now incapable of signing? Certain elderly guests, who are happy to take part in a photo-shoot? If the alternative is not meeting them at all, I would be happy with whatever SM could offer.
  4. LFCC Winter is now being uploaded to the store, so once again Autographica has been forgotten about. Seriously, what does SM have against Autographica attendees???
  5. I'd like to make a request to Showmasters for them to make more of an effort with their online digital photo store. As it is, we hardly ever get any of the old shows uploaded, and the only ones there's any effort to put on are new shows that have just happened. Even at that though, the latest Autographica was skipped over in favour of DSTL3. I appreciate that it takes time and effort to upload these photos, but you recently uploaded thousands of photos from DSTL3 within a couple of days. This then gives the impression that the older, smaller shows are not being uploaded only because you can't be bothered. Or there is some problem in locating them, that you are not telling us about. Either way, we are being left in the dark and it's a bit unfair for some fans to benefit from the store while other fans (like Autographica attendees) have virtually nothing. We have waited patiently, while moderators tell us to be patient, and that everything will be on eventually, but years are now passing by and the uploads are getting less and less. I had hoped by this point that all the major shows would have been dealt with, and some of the more obscure ones like the 10th Planet co-productions might be getting looked in to. But with us still missing very important shows with very important guests, it feels like Showmasters have just given up. So, I'd like to make a request then, that for your fans and attendees you make uploading of old shows a regular event. One show every week or two would allow you to finish your store off pretty quickly, and you'd never need to put up with us moaning anymore. Or at the very least, some regularity to the uploads, rather than one show going up, then half a year passing by. Please...
  6. With 11 days left till the show, it's looking like the Time Bandits reunion / photo-shoot isn't going to happen. I wouldn't have thought bringing Kenny Baker to a show and arranging a photo with Mike and Malcolm would have been so hard to arrange.
  7. Zagreus


    Does anyone else have issues with the silver Sharpies? I bought a single silver pen from WH Smiths and it dried up after only a few uses. I then bought a couple of triple packs from ebay (gold/silver/bronze) and the silver in both packs dried up after just a couple of uses. I bought a third triple pack, and opened it the night before Comic Con, but the following day it was dried up. Not used once, opened less than 24 hours earlier. Now, I should point out that I keep all the sharpies together and the gold and bronze are absolutely fine and I'm still using the ones from the first pack I bought. I don't keep them anywhere they would dry out especially fast. Is this a known issue? Showmasters never seem to have this issue with their pens, and having a brand new pen be useless is just crazy. I emailed Sharpie customer service asking whether this was a known problem, but they were no help at all and just said "if you have a problem with one of our items, take it up with the seller you got it from." I wasn't asking for a refund, just whether this was known to them and if silver pens need to be cared for differently, but they seemed to take this defensive attitude in their reply. So that's four silver sharpies bought and probably less than ten autographs in total by them, so I've given up using them. As was said earlier, when you're getting your own item signed, you need to know it's going to do the job. Plus the embarassment of it failing with a celebrity is not something you want to have happen over and over.
  8. Zagreus

    Anyone remember...

    Since the other topics have been locked, and if I made a guest suggestion thread it would probably be moved to the general guest suggestion page, I thought I'd post this here. Who would people personally like to see at this specific show? I've already said that Tommy Atkins or any of the Halloween cast would be a good tie-in to Halloween night. I'd also love any other John Carpenter horror guests for the same reason. The Fog, Prince of Darkness, The Thing. Never thought I'd say this given his regularity, but I hope Kenny Baker comes and we get the Time Bandits trio shoot. That would be so incredibly unique. Would be great to see Dermot Crowley return and perhaps put on a joint General Madine / Mon Mothma photo-shoot on the Sunday? Oh and anyone from Gotham or The Strain would be good, since those have just launched in the UK. Is there anyone else you think would be good for this specific show?
  9. Zagreus

    showmaster please comment

    To tie in to Halloween, I'd have loved to see some guests from Halloween or The Fog. Tommy Atkins from The Fog, and Halloween 3: Season of the Witch would be a great return guest, and so would any of the babysitters from Halloween!
  10. Can I also make a request for the last Autographica show to be uploaded next and given priority over LFCC Winter and Collectormania Belfast. It seems that it was forgotten about and DSTL3 was uploaded instead. Perhaps a genuine oversight, but with Autographica so badly represented in the online store already, forgetting to even put up the latest shows feels like the ultimate insult to we Autographica attendees.
  11. Zagreus

    showmaster please comment

    You would have loved the show when it was back in the mall. It was never too cold, never too hot, just a nice normal temperature. There were plenty of benches to sit down on, and if you stayed in a local hotel you could nip back and forth within minutes. Handy if you needed to pick something up, drop something off, or just relax in your spare time. There were plenty of places to eat too, and while waiting for your virtual ticket number to be called, you could have a wander around the shops. The only downside was the congestion caused by Saurday shoppers stopping to see what was going on. There was very little room to get by and it felt very cramped. Having said that, it was usually just Saturday that was bad, and Friday, Sunday and Monday were usually fine.
  12. Zagreus

    Who is still going?

    I wouldn't worry. I think cosplay has become more of a reason for people to attend in recent years, so it's completely separate from the meeting celebrities aspect. There may not be many from the forum coming for the guests but I think you will still have the usual people coming dressed up.
  13. Zagreus

    Who is still going?

    Faerie Tanith, are you still going in your costume? I have a feeling the show will be quiet but there's always plenty of folk dressed up, so I hope you don't let the quietness put you off.
  14. Zagreus

    showmaster please comment

    Can I also say, I am a big Star Wars fan and even enjoy meeting some of the lesser actors who played well-known aliens, but even for me there is nothing here. I met Caroline Blakiston in 2004 for an autograph but didn't get a photo, so would happily attend this show if she did a photo-shoot...but she isn't. Mike Edmonds isn't doing a shoot either. The 6 unnamed and uncredited extras are of no interest to me, and neither is an AT-AT driver. I know we keep saying "Star Wars fans will be happy" but I think you'd have to be a pretty hardcore completist to want to meet these Star Wars guests. (Again, no offence to those actors, but they know themselves they were uncredited in any of the movies) Also, I mentioned how I would love a Caroline Blakiston photo-shoot and desperately want Kenny Baker to attend and for a Time Bandits reunion photo to be done with Malcolm and Mike, but this is something else that has not been aknowledged by Showmasters. Fair enough, there may be reasons they are not happening or they may be still to come, but it would be nice if the suggestions were at least aknowleged. No point in arranging them at the eleventh hour when potential attendees have made their choice not to attend.
  15. Zagreus

    showmaster please comment

    It has nothing to do with being spoiled, expecting the same amount of guests as LFCC Summer, different people having different preferences in guests, or moaning for the sake of moaning. If you look back over the past Milton Keynes shows you will see the type of guests has always been varied, with something for most folk. That was the reason I attended my first show in 2004; it had stars of Doctor Who, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, Star Wars, Flash Gordon, Lord of the Rings, Stargate, James Bond, Superman, The A-Team, all together in one show. In the decade following, each show replicated and expanded upon that formula. Can you honestly say, looking back at all the previous line-ups for Milton Keynes, that this is a show to be excited about?
  16. Zagreus

    Who is still going?

    I will be in the area anyway due to attending a couple of other shows on Friday and Saturday, so if anyone amazing is announced at the last minute (for Sunday anyway) I will be able to attend. However, as it is, there's no real reason for me to attend. First time since 2004 I've not had a reason to go. I am interested in re-meeting Caroline Blakiston as I didn't get a photo back in 2004, but she's not doing a photo shoot. Also interested in a potential photo with the 3 living Time Bandits but so far that's not happening either. They're not even doing solo shoots.
  17. Zagreus

    Anyone remember...

    That's what I meant TerraHawk; they are the guests that are easy to get hold of, and so it will look good if they announce 20 guests in one go because it's a huge amount of guests. But the quality of the guests... Again, no disrespect to those actors as they are nice people and a pleasure to meet, but they are supporting actors and not stars of movies of TV. I'm a Star Wars fan myself, and did meet Quentin at one of his appearances, but they don't need to keep bringing the smaller guests over and over again in the space of just a few months. And obviously it's great to have Dave, Kenny and Jeremy at so many shows as they are regulars, but you don't need every supporting actor to become a regular.
  18. I wouldn't say it's a case of being annoying on purpose, just that they do often get in the way. But I agree with what you say about people doing it because they want to do it and have fun. The original poster made it sound like cosplayers deserve a discount because they are only there to provide an entertainment service, which isn't true. If you're treating is as an alternative "job" then you're taking it way too seriously.
  19. Think this will be the first show in about a decade that I will not need to buy anything for. No entrance tickets to buy and the only guests I'd like photo-shoots with are Caroline Blakiston (who isn't doing a photo-shoot) and the 3 "Time Bandits" (so far there is only 2 announced and no group photo yet).
  20. Zagreus

    Anyone remember...

    I don't know if they spent all the money at LFCC Summer, but it certainly feels like they spent all their efforts on it, at the expense of the subsequent shows. Yes the shows since have had some guest that interested me, but on the whole they were made up of very recent repeat guests and supporting/uncredited actors. Ironic, since it feels that these supporting actors are being used as supporting guests to make up the numbers. Almost as if SM know that announcing 15 background actors from Star Wars will help fill out the guest list. As was said before, it's good if you like that sort of thing, but even so...Quentin Pierre was at the last Collectormania, and both Comic Cons this year, so surely even Star Wars fans must be feeling the repetition.
  21. There was a woman at the Billy Boyd talk on Saturday who (I think) was dressed as "The Crow." Had a unique design under her eye. I think it was The Crow but could be wrong; all black and with a black wig.
  22. I'm grateful that some of the requested double-photos have been added to the schedule. Although it's understandable, it's a little disappointing having both "Last Starfighter" talks dropped altogether. I was hoping Lance would still be willing to talk for a while on his own.
  23. Just wanted to make a suggestion; During DSTL3 we were asked to fill out forms when going up to the photo sales booth. Although it seemed a little O.T.T. at first, I couldn't help but think how the basic idea behind it could work at LFCC. How about a basic sheet with the names of all those doing talks & photos, left lying at a pick-up point? We pick it up, put a tick or quantity next to the name and hand it in to the sales desk? All too often I've gone to the sales desk at Comic Con and had to slowly read out the list of tickets I need for the crew member. Sometimes the crew member says "who?" because they can't make out what I'm saying (even though I speak clearly). Sometimes they say "who?" because they don't know the actor's names. Sometimes they say "I don't think they're doing talks/photos cos I can't see any tickets here" and I have explain that "he IS doing a shoot" and they then go back and eventually find them. A basic form would eliminate any misunderstandings, and let the crew know exactly what they are selling. Maybe it could be introduced on an option rather than a requirement (as was the case at DSTL3), to let people get used to using them and decided whether they want to at all? I think as long as the attendees are made aware of the form, it could be quite handy.
  24. I bet this will be the one and only show Kenny does not come to!
  25. Zagreus


    Obviously if it's any cheaper, then that's great. But at the same time, I can't really complain if it's the same price as 2 x solo shoots. At least we're not paying more than that for them! I just like the idea of having something that is a bit more special & unique for the same price as two solo shoots (that many of us have had before). I'd love a Two Doctors photo shoot too, but I can perhaps understand it not being done, as it is a very story-specific shoot. I'd have loved a "Battlefield" shoot for comic con 2013, but I guess it wouldn't have been that popular. Colin & Nicola, Frazer & Wendy or Sylvester, Sophie & Bonnie (for the recent Collectormania Glasgow) on the other hand, would clearly be loved by the fans.