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  1. I would say it just depends what you think is a "good spot" as to how early you arrive.
  2. That just means that advance tickets were sold out. There are tickets available on the day for all three days.
  3. Woo hoo! Carrie fisher!

  4. # How about you dress up like a leek, and I will wear a daffodil
  5. As promised, I will pop some photos from the Torchwood Tours later.......................time to eat first lol Thankyou all for attending the tour, Kai said he had a fantastic time and that we couldn't have done it without you
  6. Many apologies I have got an update time for you Dealer entry is from 8am Hope that doesn't cause any inconvenience I will be on organisers booth to give you your wristband
  7. Ooh! That's not good! I spoke to the company that runs that car park a fortnight ago about facilities etc Fingers crossed it works this weekend But then again, with technology, breakages can happen I suppose
  8. The pay and display on Adam Street (under the bridge) has one card machine for the car park which is the front right one as you look at the carpark, the rest are cash only. Depending how close you need to be, St Davids 2 carpark is the closest and has lots of disabled parking. The entrance is opposite the Motorpoint Arena to the right of Cineworld CAR PARKING OPENING TIMES St David's car park: 24 hours John Lewis car park: 06:30 to 00:30 (Access to St David's Shopping Centre Car Park after 00:30 is via the Eastside entrance) Up to 3 hours £4 Up to 4 hours £5 Up to 5 hours £6 Up to 6 hours £9 Up to 9 hours £16 Up to 24 hours £18 Evening parking offer - 5pm to 6am the following day ​ ​There are lifts up to the carpark accessible via the food court, the payment machines are there too ​ ​ No free parking I am afraid
  9. Okay, that was quick! I just heard back, and you can enter the building from 7:30am the way I mentioned Hope you enjoy the show.
  10. I will let you know if I can get any more info for you today
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