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TV guests over the 3 days

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Arthur darville from doctor who

alex kingston from doctor who / ER

gorn visjic from ER

connor trineer from startrek enterprise

dominic keating from startrek enterprise

colin morgan Merlin

bradley james Merlin

i could go on but these are just a few off the top of my head !

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I would certainly be drawn to this event if Chris Barrie or Craig Charles were announced.


Norman Lovett or Mac McDonald would be fantastic to meet as well. I'm sure I'd enjoy meeting Danny, Chloe or Robert again too, all very nice people.


Other than Red Dwarf cast I'd love to meet Simon Greenall. He's best known as Michael from I'm Alan Partridge but he also does some great voice work.

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anyone from


Game of Thrones


or how about some LOST guests as i sadly missed them at the last show they was at (especially CHARLIE)


Im guessing robin williams is too big a star, but would still love to meet him hes is like a god to me as is Stephen King - the one person the world i thought i'd never meet if you could get him that would be life time making :)






and i just thought how about the guys from The big bang theory


how i met your mother or true blood?

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As a Doctor Who fan, any Doctor Who guests?


Any Heroes guests:

Zachary Quinto,

Adrian Pasdar...


Any Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes guests:

Liz White,

Dean Andrews,

Marshall Lancaster,

Daniel Mays (aswell as Outcasts!)

Montserrat Lombard...

and not to forget, any James Bond actors:

Roger Moore,

Timothy Dalton...


Best, Chugs :P


And to just throw it out there, Richard Roxburg (he's been in loads!)

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i'm gonna suggest something not sure if there is any SON'S OF ANARCHY fans in here? because i know it may kill the mk centre if there is alot of fans but im not sure if its kicked off over here yet enough i think its such a fantastic show i love it it's got ron perlman everyone should know who he is lol its got katey sagal and she's best known for the voice of leela in futurama its got charlie hunnam who was in green street and children of men and hes from newcastle but the rest i won't explain lool was meant 2 drop a small comment but got carried away! oh and its also got Mark Boone Junior who if i remember correcly was in 30 days of night and in batman begins and its got kim coates whos been in black hawk down and he was in the new resident evil prob my fav charecter in the show tbh but anyway lol its a wild shot hope it works!!!

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Im a massive fan of doctor who so i would preferbly like one of the doctor's to attend


Tom Baker?

Peter Davison?

Colin Baker?

Silvester McCoy?

Paul Mcgann?


even tho i would like to meet Chris, David and Matt, there too bigger celeb atm. With Chris in GI JOE, David in Shakespere and Matt.....well...... in doctor who

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Gethin Jones would cover Blue Peter, Doctor Who and the Sarah Jane Adventures.

Geoffrey Bayldon would be great.

Anna Quayle from Grange Hill and was the Baroness in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Windsor Davies for both his comedy work and he was in Doctor Who.

Joanne Bell and Joann Kenny both from Grange Hill and Doctor Who.

Terry Nutkins would be great.

Grottbags would be brilliant.

The voice cast of the Terrahawks - Denise Bryer - Zelda and voices in Labyrinth and Return to Oz.

Anne Ridler - also in Doctor Who

Jeremy Hitchen and Ben 2Robbie" Stevens

The witches from the recent Clash of the Titans - Ross Mullan (also Nev in Bear Behaving Badly)

Robin Berry (also the Crawler in The Descent 2)

Graham Hughes

Just my thoughts.



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