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  1. Someone that I either don't know who it is / have no intention of meeting? That's normally the case with these big announcements xD
  2. And naturally, anyone else in my usual list of wants xD
  3. Since I see a Secret Circle guest has been announced, would love to suggest JR Bourne :)
  4. Sounds good to me :) Just need some more guests for me as currently am doing all that travelling for a grand total of.... 1!
  5. Can't say I'm not surprised, after so long without news, but can't say I'm not disappointed either, as put a lot of money into my costume Hopefully the refunds will come through soon, as need to direct my funds elsewhere now.
  6. Honestly I don't know who has and hasn't been asked, or what their schedule is like, but Eion would be ideal since I don't think he's filming this, or any other show at the moment xD But honestly, with the guests I'm being very realistic - I don't expect a huge name from OUAT, because of how big the show is, and how in demand they'll probably be, but the way the shows set up is that even she smallest character is important to the show, so with that in mind, any would be interesting for me to meet. Obviously I have the ones that I would like to see more than others (Eion, Jared, Ginny, Jenn, Meghan, Sebastian, Michael and Colin) but I'll be happy with anything at the moment :) There's only one or two guests I wouldn't be excited for, but I'll keep that to myself Another I'd add to the list that I'd like to see from S2 would be Rachel Shelley, though!
  7. Both my costumes are on their way! Getting one made for me, which is probably cheating, but I want it to be perfect xD
  8. It's coming to the time of booking train travel, which is the only reason I'm starting to panic - the advanced tickets are cheaper, but non-refundable, so I don't want to be paying out £100 for them, only to find the convention cancelled, and to be out of pocket any more than I already will be because of costumes I have planned - at least those can be worn at other events if they absolutely HAVE to be.
  9. I'd love me some Michael Raymond James myself xD
  10. I'm definitely needing Alex to come! I need her to finish my Season 6 boxset cover.
  11. Me too. Never seen a show before getting guests so slowly.
  12. I'm all about Hatter! Oh god how much I'm all about Hatter
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