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  1. lol hiya rob soon as i saw i was signed in as you i was like what?? sign out now lol
  2. hiya guys This is really odd i just came online after a couple of days of not checking the forum and my account Jaffajay was not signed in as me it was signed in under someone called SciFiRob and i have no idea who that is or why it's signed in i have signed out of that account but did anyone else have this problem?
  3. Amazing guest iv'e been waiting so long for him!
  4. I've said it before ill say it again! Jared Padalecki! and Jensen Ackles!
  5. Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles!!!!!!!!! and hell to the yes for Morgan Freeman and Christian Bale!
  6. Hii just a quick one i was chatting to a young lady in the virtual queue for stan lees tickets well we both tbought it was for his autograph which sucked she likes back to the furture and had a little accent not sure where from but i broke her heart about the houver board hoax lol sorry! I was wondering did u get the autograph in the end? I never
  7. Im 6ft and not exactly skinny so i look really awkward hoping its a good pic lol
  8. How do you stand bext to stan lee in a photo its gonna look awkward can u place a arm round him like a half hug? Lol
  9. Um lfcc or football? Well lets be honest lfcc is a clear winner
  10. one last guess from me perhaps Sir Anthony Hopkins?
  11. legendary ay umm dare i say Ian McKellen? or Christopher Lee?
  12. i always praise your conventions Showmasters always will! They are the best for guests never disapointed with lfcc always walk away a happy man!
  13. yes please! to simon pegg and nick frost! met them when they were first at showmasters but i didnt have the money for autos!
  14. ahh supernatural! can i steal it please? i have loads of supernatural autos but want that aswell i have alot of 10x8 and have a pic of the impala signed from a con i attended!
  15. oh sweet how come wenever i look i cant find anything lol!
  16. damn too big but i will still bare it in mind thank you so much :)
  17. how big is the poster is it the ones with marvel writing at the bottom?
  18. aww thank you so much :) im gonna keep looking for now as its a poster they r normally too fragile and big and knowing my luck id rip it on the way home from the con lol! but if i have no luck id happily take it off your hands thank you!
  19. i've been coming to There will be two entry queues for Early Bird tickets. One for those that buy in advance and one for those who buy on the day. They will both be let in at the same time when the event opens. However one queue has to purchase a ticket while the other has to pay first. In theory the latter will take longer. That said it does depend on your relative position in the queue. People at the front of the pay on the day queue will get in before those at the end of the pre bought queue. Yes and no. Buying your ticket in advance certainly means the queue will move faster in the morning than the pay on the day queue. However, it all depends on what time you arrive. I have been to events and arrived 1.5 hours early where the pay on the day queue has been fairly short and the prebooked line has been big, so people paying on the day actually got in faster. That being said my philosophy is always to buy in advance and get to the venue 1.5-2hrs before the doors open. Been doing it this way for years and have never missed a guest I wanted to meet :) i've been coming to showmasters since i was about 14 lol and stan is the only guest im really gonna be gutted if i miss him lol and i dont normally buy in advance so its basically a 50/50 the tiny factors will adjust the ending plus me asking all this is just me panicking lol i know showmasters run great cons and have amazing guests im just a worrying person lol
  20. hi guys :) Ive had an idea for a frame i want on my wall i have my photoshoot ticket, I'm aiming to get 2 autographs but i really want a picture of like all the marvel character's on a 10x8 or maybe bigger for stan to sign would anyone know a place i could buy such a picture do they exist? I've tried looking on the internet but ive not had much luck does anyone know of anyone who does such a thing? thanks in advance :)
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