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    Plus he's actually in the UK for filming 24 ... surely he'd be interested in some UK appearances as a result!
  2. If it's someone we'd all know then I presume it would have to be someone generally known and not attached to a specific show. However that said, I have no thoughts or ideas on who it could be :)
  3. Josh Dallas is my number one wish; apart from him, I'd be happy with pretty much anyone from OUAT just 'cause I love the show so darn much Not booking a ticket until some OUAT'ers are announced!
  4. I have mixed feelings on it - For those who went out of their way to attend ET8 thinking it was the last ever / showdown finale etc, I feel bad for them and understand their frustration and anger to hear there's another one - and so soon too! If the next one wasn't until next Summer or something, then at least there would be a bit of a break, but to have one in four months time seems a little in their faces. I'm upset for me 'cause I've always wanted to attend an ET convention, and the dates always clash with something (for ET8, I was going to see Jesus Christ Superstar Arena Tour, and then had a Choir Weekend Workshop). In March, I'm traveling to the USA on tour with a choir, so a Con in Feb doesn't seem possible money-wise for me. And then for those that want it and can go, I'm happy - seems like an awful lot of people love and enjoy the Cons so that's great for them
  5. I would LOVE Bones/Castle con!! Maybe throw in a bitta Dexter too...
  6. Well they've both been officially given their renewals now anyway :D
  7. I definitely won't be purchasing any time soon, but good to know they're there
  8. I would vote Fairytale Ball as that incorporates both shows - great idea altogether!
  9. Definitely one of the best CON websites I've seen - the animation effects are stunning
  10. Fingers crossed they get the official announcement soon .... at the rate they're going, there's so much left to be understood, I really can't see them cancelling OUAT. Only thing that scares me a little is that by next May (over a year from now) the characters will surely have changed it up quite a bit. Shame the con is so, so far away.
  11. Amazing first guest announcement - leaves me happily psyched for who you're feasibly going to be able to get from OUAT!
  12. Just started watching Grimm tonight - four episodes in, have jumped out of my seat about twelve times - and am seriously impressed that the first guest for this convention is the main star in Grimm. Leaves me incredibly hopeful for who you'll pull in from OUAT!
  13. YEESSS another very happy, very excited customer here
  14. Josh Josh Josh Josh Josh pleaseeee
  15. I only just saw this ... how exciting!!! I'm a massive OUAT fan, seriously massive so this is such an exciting thought!! Also have it in my plans to start watching Grimm, so what better excuse than a convention involving both
  16. Name: Symphony Age: 26 Where are you from? Ireland Which of the 2 series do you watch? OUAT (and up to Ep4 of Grimm as of tonight!] Ultimate guest you want for the event? Josh Dallas What ticket will you get? Depends on the guests. If I win the lotto - VIP all the way Have you been to ME cons before? Nope, had plan for ET6 but couldn't in the end! Previous cons: None, actually. Fave movies: Armaggedon, Polar Express, Breaking Dawn, Gone Baby Gone, Taken, Tangled Fave series: OUAT, Castle, Bones, Californication, New Girl, Dexter Fave music: Daniel Boys, The Coronas, Sharon Shannon, Mumford & Sons, musicals, Other interests: Reading, writing, composing, graphic design, traveling :)
  17. ^ agreed with the above. That would be Heaven in a Con
  18. I know quite a number that would dfinitely go to a Dexter Con - will keep an eye to see if anything comes of this :)
  19. What a blast! We arrived at midnight on Tuesday night, straight off the plane from Ireland (literally got a bus from Stansted to Stratford!) and joined the queue - were around the #490 mark in the queue! Have to admit was pretty unsettled by the serious lack of event management the crowd safety guys displayed, especially when they woke everyone in 'barricade line two' at like 4am by telling all the #700's down the back to "move up the line quickly to make space" - for the invisible people?! That was pretty disgruntling, as was standing up then until like 7am when the wristbands were given out for red carpet! So much queuing - BUT it was totally worth it; we ended up being right next to the door where they all came out; opposite all the photographers, which was pretty awesome. My night was made when Taylor came over to me for a photo :D The girl that came over with me got a photo with Kristen so she was pretty happy though gutted 'cause she's a huge Rob fan, and he was taken away by his 'minder' like two people before us ... our pod were all totally gutted not to have met him. Security man warned us we might get broken ribs from being at the front of the barrier - thank god we didn't!!! But it was so cool, bring on next year
  20. I'm going!!! Have the flights booked and all, with a friend from home too. Can't wait We don't get in until around 10pm the night before though so think we'll probably do a hostel stay and head down there first thing next morning for the premiere itself. :)
  21. definitely got my vote on this one. it's my favourite show by far!
  22. Marc blucas. I'd go to a convention just to meet that man!
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