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    Photoshoot gamble

    How would I go about upgrading on the day if that happens?
  2. Hi Evertbody, I am wanting to buy a Kurt Angle photoshoot for the Saturday but obviously we dont know the shoot times yet. Should I avoid buying the 11am entry ticket or is there some sort of rule for people with photoshoot tickets getting to the shoot but not actually getting access to the rest of the Con? Thanks!
  3. Gazilla

    Red Dwarf Group Photo Op

    I dont care about the day but please make this happen!! I was so gutted when Danny wasnt at the last group shoot!
  4. Gazilla

    Latest Guest Announcement - Lita WWE DIVA

    Amazing guest! Thank you so much!!!
  5. Great guest! Thank you!!!
  6. Gazilla

    Latest Guest Announcment - KID KASH

    Loving this!! Thanks showmasters!!!!
  7. Gazilla

    Latest Guest Announcement - DOUG WILLIAMS

    Hell Yeah! Keep them wrestlers coming!!
  8. Thank you so much!!! My replica IC belt will be getting another signature from the greatest IC champ of all time!
  9. Keep them coming!! Love meeting any and all wrestlers!!!!
  10. Hell yes!! I am loving all these wrestler guests. FEED ME MORE!!!
  11. FINALLY!........... THE ROCK has come to the LFCC!....... I wish lol Second wish is Daniel Craig with photo shoot next to the DB5 :-)
  12. You'd be surprised how many a guest can get through in that time. We've had similar situations in the past. Thanks, for the fast reply :-)
  13. Looks like Gillian Anderson will not be signing for very long then!... Opens at 9am and then she is away for an hour at 9:30-10:30. Back signing until another shoot at 1:10-2:10 and then away again for a talk at 3:20-4:05. Add another hour or so for her lunch as well means a limited number of autographs in my opinion,
  14. Gazilla

    Guest suggestion

    Please please please get Adrian and Rik!!!!!!! Pleeeeeeeease!!!