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  1. I'm bothered by when these dealers/pre-order people choose to get their wares signed too. The Terence stamp Diamond queue was virtually non moving at one point (just before the ceiling caved in). Away walks a dealer/pre-order person with stacks whilst those of us that had actually bought Diamond passes stand and wait and wait and wait. If we buy the diamonds for priority why do we get second place to the dealers/pre-order people? Same thing happened with John Cleese quite a few times whilst we were all waiting for him - they pop in the queue right near the front and get their stacks signed while we wait.
  2. I was thinking the same but not sure if it would be right to add to my poster, not sure how he'd react to signing it either. Anyone heard any stories of James signing anything aliens related? He's fine signing anything from Aliens and technically he's in the film in one of the establishing shots when the marines are looking up at the Alien secretions - it's the back of Remar and not Biehn :)
  3. Yes true Weaver, Paxton and Reiser haven't done a SM event. From your list of other cast members - one colonist (Mac McDonald), the nurse (Alibe Parsons) and the Salvage Team Leader (Stuart Milligan) have all done different SM events. Just leaving the other colonist (William Armstrong), the board member (Alan Polonsky) and the doctor (Blain Fairman) left to do a show! :)
  4. You've had a steady trickle of Aliens guests recently (Michael and Daniel) and had some lovely photos to get signed by them which weren't available when previous Aliens guests were at shows so could you get some of the rarer ones back again please like Colette Hiller, Trevor Steedman, Cynthia Scott, Ricco Ross (Who'd also count for Doctor Who) and Al Matthews (I know you had him last year but I missed him). Thanks
  5. Thank you both for you replies! :)
  6. The Emperor


    Hi there, Any idea when anymore jpegs for the events currently missing, will be added to the photo library? Namely Patrick Stewart and the Hellraiser group shot? I know these things take time, I just hope the idea wasn't abandoned. Thanks!
  7. The more Big name guests the better. If they are at a show and I want to meet them then I will.
  8. Meg Foster would be a great DS9 guest, also for her other cult appearances!
  9. Great guest announcement! Hoping for Kim Myers and Robert Rusler now! ;-)
  10. Well I'm glad that that other show has brought about this debate and an updating in things some of us have long asked for like jpegs etc. I would of course hope that a way could be found for previous photoshoot jpegs to become available. As I'm sure the cash that could be generated from that would be preferable to them just sitting there on their memory cards? Paying for them of course is a given.
  11. Great guest! Though the first picture is of Grace Kirby!
  12. Gethin Jones would cover Blue Peter, Doctor Who and the Sarah Jane Adventures. Geoffrey Bayldon would be great. Anna Quayle from Grange Hill and was the Baroness in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Windsor Davies for both his comedy work and he was in Doctor Who. Joanne Bell and Joann Kenny both from Grange Hill and Doctor Who. Terry Nutkins would be great. Grottbags would be brilliant. The voice cast of the Terrahawks - Denise Bryer - Zelda and voices in Labyrinth and Return to Oz. Anne Ridler - also in Doctor Who Jeremy Hitchen and Ben 2Robbie" Stevens The witches from the recent Clash of the Titans - Ross Mullan (also Nev in Bear Behaving Badly) Robin Berry (also the Crawler in The Descent 2) Graham Hughes Just my thoughts. Thanks
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