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  1. Thank you, I have just emailed the office using the DST email address, not sure if this will still be being checked. Do you know of any other email address?
  2. I'm sorry if this has already been discussed, I've looked but can't find anything. I took part in the Guinness World Record attempt at Star Trek Europe. I would like to apply for a certificate through them, they tell me I need a code from the organisers. I don't recall getting at code at the weekend, and I haven't yet received anything from Guinness or Showmasters regarding this. Please could you advice if I need to contact showmasters directly or if this has been given out on the forum. Thank you.
  3. lovbug

    Last Post Wins?

    this is a long game
  4. Season 3 and I think he's a bit in season 4 as well. thank you. i cant recall who he is
  5. can anyone tell me which season of dexter he first appears?
  6. just started season one - a little slow so far. but enjoyed the film
  7. i was wondering if any of these actors are or have been to a showmasters con? I am aware they have been to other cons outside of the uk, along time ago i met david anders at eclipse. anybody more on the ball than i am.?
  8. Do they have to be UK guests? I was thinking madmen guests
  9. Awsome - will keep posting
  10. watched my first trek last night, not too bad actually. Dont know what it was called, but it had data stuck in a hotel playing blackjack.
  11. Someone suggested Pat Sharpe, got me thinking ... how about game show presenters? People like Les Dennis and Dale Winton (*lol*)
  12. Either take a folder, or buy a auto holder when you first get there. Nothing worse than paying £20 for an auto, and for it to be ruined by the end of the day.
  13. Stan Lee for £30 quid. Bargin! STAN'S THE MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Interestingly enough, Channel five and the newspaper in question are owned by the same corporation, so they may have given their consent to be interviewed by one and be used for the other without their knowing or realising they actually gave their consent for it to be used! http://showmastersonline.com/forums/style_images/1/folder_rte_images/bold.gif I didn't know that , that is intresting. And yes, I know a friend of mine had an article in a magazine she agreed to, and the article also appeared in a main newspaper - that she knew nothing about. Good point.
  15. I know of somebody who did a short stretch in prison who found it to be illuminating, educational and redemptive. What has that got to do with anything. My point being, if a person wants to audition for the show, its there right, and maybe you should give them enough credit to think they have thought the whole thing through properly. You don't have to protect people from making this discuission, just because it's not somthing you would do.
  16. I'm happy to pose with anyone who comes up to me and asks. I'm not saying anyone from BB WOULD still try to get in and get pictures and quotes covertly but if they looked like every other fan-photographer then that's what I'd take them as. That may be why some people who were photographed (but not interviewed) at the other event "are posing", as if they didn't know their picture would be used for an article they are posing as they would for any fan. Good point, I hadn't thought of this.
  17. I think it makes a difference on how this would be done. Interviews are noramlly held in a booth, and therefore people not wanting to be interviewed would not be filmed. I do understand the SM events are a safe haven for fans, and i dont think any TV/PRESS should be allowed to destroy that for cosplayers. I certainly dont think anyone NOT wanting to be TV should be put on. I am just assuming C5 will do it the same as C4 and only film inside a booth, and that the only reason they asked SM if they could film, would be to try and get a comic book/ film fan, which they probally decided they were looking for when planning contestants for the show. I would never want anything to put off cosplayers, i didn't mean that.
  18. I have read the article, and i feel really bad for the people who feel slammed. Although from what i gathered, it was not an article written by C5 BB, it was written by a newspaper. That I am presumming interviewed these people, and the person photographed gave there permission? (After all, they are poseing). I'm not sure i follow, how auditions for a show, is the same as a newspaper article NOT written by the show? In the past with C4 BB, interviews (even at the early stages) are not leaked to the press, as they always had the rule if a person is put in a paper/mag then they are excluded from the show. Again, can I just say that I love cosplayers. I think any one approached, and interviewed and asked for a posed photographed would be told why, i wouldn't worry about it. And if people were to come and take genral photos outside of a venue, this could happen anytime and would not be C5 BB people. Its a risk we all take, every day of our lives. It's not illegal to take photos of people in public places.Although thats moving away from the point some what. Still, like i said earilier. SM obviously went the majority , which is a good business plan. I just have a different point of view.
  19. Personaly, I feel different on this subject. For the following reasons:- 1. People will be given the chance to be interviewed, if you don't want to be on the show, and don't want to risk the way they might be put across, no-one is forceing them. I don't see why BB couldn't have attended, as only people who WANTED to take part would. 2.I know many people are not fans of the show, but on the posstive side, if you did want to be on the show. You could win a lot of money, and become famous for it. It could be fantastic opportunity for someone, which you have now not given them. 3.Contestants are often seen in a bad light, on opening night, due to past interviews and videos. However, once in the house, viewers often change their mind about contestansts based on WHO THEY ARE ONCE INSIDE the house. Therefore, they could look foolish for a couple of days, but it soon passes. 4. I know of one ex-BB contestant who enjoyed these kinds of events, and he came out of it just fine. I assume he was pleased to be given the experience. Having said this, it's your show, and it was your choice. And i assume they are doing open auditions , for anyone who did want the chance.I do respect your decision tho, as you do have your rep to uphold, and it seems like i am in the minority here- so you do seems to be sticking up for the majority of your customers. ALSO, I love the people who cosplay - you are all bloody fantastic !!!!!
  20. the possessed, is that a cheap film, about sum1 who tries to comit sucide?
  21. i know have a one pound limit on dvds , but even with that limit, i have got some amazing dvds recently. in the last 2 months, i think i have got about 80 dvds,
  22. Wish me luck, i am about to start reading dead and gone the first true blood book. Never read or watched the tv show, but just hopeing i like it cuz i have purchased the first 10 books
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