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  1. lol hiya rob soon as i saw i was signed in as you i was like what?? sign out now lol
  2. hiya guys This is really odd i just came online after a couple of days of not checking the forum and my account Jaffajay was not signed in as me it was signed in under someone called SciFiRob and i have no idea who that is or why it's signed in i have signed out of that account but did anyone else have this problem?
  3. I've said it before ill say it again! Jared Padalecki! and Jensen Ackles!
  4. Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles!!!!!!!!! and hell to the yes for Morgan Freeman and Christian Bale!
  5. Hii just a quick one i was chatting to a young lady in the virtual queue for stan lees tickets well we both tbought it was for his autograph which sucked she likes back to the furture and had a little accent not sure where from but i broke her heart about the houver board hoax lol sorry! I was wondering did u get the autograph in the end? I never
  6. Im 6ft and not exactly skinny so i look really awkward hoping its a good pic lol
  7. How do you stand bext to stan lee in a photo its gonna look awkward can u place a arm round him like a half hug? Lol
  8. Um lfcc or football? Well lets be honest lfcc is a clear winner
  9. one last guess from me perhaps Sir Anthony Hopkins?
  10. legendary ay umm dare i say Ian McKellen? or Christopher Lee?
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