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  1. why wasnt this forwarded on to volunteers then?
  2. Someone waited four hours in line to get in there and see her photoshoot scrubbed out. None of the volenteers knew what was happening when asked. Understandably things happen and people have to cancel but in future it might be good if you tell the volunteers why a guest isnt there and also tell people in the queue. just a bit of advice there - good business practice.
  3. Where do i begin -some stories from today People that got there for 9am early bird - didnt get until 90 minutes later. People that got there for 11am entry who hadnt pre booked entrance tickets had a 3 to 4 hour wait. they were told at the start of the queue - but no more info whilst queuing - people were going to the front entrance to enquire about times - there was no one monitoring the queue - people were on their own. i over heard that someone had a 1:30pm photo shoot and was told the night before when they booked the ticket that if they got there for 11am they would be okay ge
  4. thanks for replying. can you these photo shoots online or is it now only in person?
  5. What is the chances of buying photos for anthony head, juliet landau and sherilyn fenn, please?
  6. haven't you all got it yet? When it comes to getting a celebs picture or autograph or hug - PEOPLE DON'T CARE. it is every man for himself! they only care about WHAT they want. This is the down side to autograph collecting, meeting celebs etc. People don't care if you paid £20 for the talk - they are gonna try and get what they what no matter what. In their eyes - they have paid the money (no one else has) so they will go all out to get their needs met regardless of what the other 499 people think. you can all moan to the person who asked for the hug in the talk - they wo
  7. it sounds very sexist but you are more likely to get a hug if you are a female fan.
  8. no way?!! i was gonna get a signature but he looked miserable signing so i didn't want to give him £20 of my money for no interaction.
  9. i was going to get a signature - around 3pm on sunday and i had a nose but he seemed a bit miserable and had his head down and didn't seem to be interacting with some male dealers that were getting a lot of stuff signed. (Maybe that was why?) So i didn't bother as i didn't want to spend £20 and for him not to look up or interact with me. maybe if i would have got in the queue and met him he would have been different as i was a female and on my own? what was he like when you met him?
  10. david jason and nicolas lyndhurst never go to the official fools and horses autograph conventions. they very private people so they won't do it. true - it would never happen.
  11. WENN is a photo agency. the photographer would have quoted him - probably wrongly.
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