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Christopher Walken

Robert Davi

Paul smith (rabban/DUNE)

Robert vaughn

Christopher lee

jimmy sangster

clive Barker

Tobe hooper

Tim curry

Richard O'Brien

Andrew Robinson

Danny Elfman

Howard shore

Jeffrey Jones

lisa marie

Michael Gough

Barbara Steele

Alfred Molina

miranda otto

karl urban

Bernard hill

sean astin

elijah wood

carrie fisher

"Rocky" guest

grace jones

patrick mcnee

martin landau

Simon Pegg

Nick Frost

john carpenter

Kurt Russell

"Fright night" guest (chris sarandon...)

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Seeing as Richard Dreyfuss has now transferred to this event a few co-stars from his movies would be welcome.


Susan Blacklinie, Jeffrey Kramer, Lorraine Gary - Jaws

Teri Garr, Melinda Dillon, Cary Guffy - Close Encounters

Julie Hagerty, Charlie Korsmo, Kathryn Erbe (now in Law And Order) - What About Bob?

Anyone from Stand By Me


And maybe

Anyone from Alien

Harvey Stephens

Billie Whitelaw

Luke Goss

Mark McClure

Sarah Douglas

Ron Perlman

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Eve Myles

Gareth David Lloyd

Ali Larter

Kristen Bell

Blake Lively

Chace Crawford

Ed Westwick

Wentworth Miller

Sarah Wayne Callies

Robert Knepper

Amary Nolasco

Will Yun Lee

Kaneshiro Takeshi

Russell Wong

Michelle Yeoh XD

Sarah Michelle Gellar

James Marsters

Philip Glenister

Keeley Hawes

Marshall Lancaster

Dean Andrews (met him at C14 and he was friendly to many fans :D)

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i agreed with many of the great names mentioned above along with names i have posted on other shows threads that would be great to meet


but as this is the london film AND COMIC con how about some top quality comic book writers/artist


such as


tim sale

brian pulido

jim lee

jeph loeb

marc silvesti

rob liefield

todd mcfarlane

etc etc

and of course Stan "the man" Lee


just a thought as there is the word COMIC in the shows name ;)


the dude ;)

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Here is my wish list please Showmaster get them all if you can:


Tobin Bell- Hasent been to the UK before

Tyler Mane - Hasent been to the UK for a while

Harrison Ford- Hasent been to the Uk before

Johnny Depp- Hasent done signings before

Kurt Russell

Christian Bale

Sheri Moon Zombie - Hasent been to the UK before

Rob Zombie- Hasent been to the UK before

Alice Cooper- Thought i add him in because he is cool

Shawnee Smith

William Forsythe

Helana Bonham Carter

Tim Burton

Julie Benz

Danny Glover

Micheal Emerson

John Carpenter

Quintine Tarantiono

Micheal Keaton

James Earl Jones

Ian Mcdonald

Ewan Mcgregor

Betsey Russell

Mark Rolston

Costas Mandylor

Donnie Wahlberg

Megan Good

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X-men Evolution guests!!!!! most of these have been in other cult Tv shows


Kirby Morrow ... Cyclops - (also in Stargate)

Venus Terzo ... Jean Grey

Scott McNeil ... Wolverine

David Kaye ... En Sabah Nur

Brad Swaile ... Kurt Wagner

Maggie Blue O'Hara ...Kitty Pryde

Meghan Black ... Rogue (also in Stargate etc)

Kirsten Williamson ... Ororo Munroe

Christopher Grey ... Avalanche

Noel Fisher ... Toad

Colleen Wheeler ... Mystique

Michael Dobson ... Blob

Neil Denis ... Evan Daniels

Christopher Judge ... Magneto (STARGATE)

Richard Ian Cox ...

Andrew Francis ... Iceman

Michael Donovan ... Sabretooth

Michael Adamthwaite ... Colossus

Paul Dobson ... Cain Marko

Alessandro Juliani ... Gambit

Kelly Sheridan ... Scarlet Witch








Sigourney WEaver


SMALLVILLE - Alison Mack pleeeeeeeeeeeeease!

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Billy West

Katy Seagul

John Deamagio




Seth Macfarlen

Rachael Macfarlen

Wendy Schall

Dee bradley Baker

Scott grimes




Seth Green

Mila Kunis

Alex Borstien

Danny Smith

Patrick Warburton

Lori Alan

John Viener

Phil LaMarr

Adam West - pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease!

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I suggest people from movies and the comics world.

Eve Myles and Dean Andrews..............where do they fit in the world of film and comics ?

You wouldnt get Dez Skinn at the Hub would you ?



I second the QT suggestion.

Thats if he finishes INGLORIOUS BASTARDS by then.

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PLEASE GET GREG GRUNBERG!!!! i know he was at this show but i missed him, it would be great to have quite a few heroes guests but Greg is my favourite. And this last con was seriously lacking in LOST guests, maybe some Hurley love? Other great guests and people i would love to meet would be Flight of the Conchords (if you get them i will be forever grateful), big bang theory guests and someone has already mentioned this guy but he would be an amazing guest, his Q&A's are legendary. Kevin Smith.

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I would LOVE to see Jenna Dewan.

She recently appeared at San Diego comiccon 2008 for her up and coming action role in "Magdalena" where she plays the kick ass warrior "Patience"...eeekkk how exciting! Role on 2010!!!



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