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  1. Matze 3:16

    Guest suggestion

    where are the guests from UK series like MERLIN PRIMEVAL TORCHWOOD SHERLOCK Little Britain/ Come fly with me ?????
  2. Matze 3:16

    chevron 7.8 site

    there are 2 stars behind "Standard Adult Programme at £98 **" on the webside, but no explaination. Please explain the stars and add the info on the side. Thanks.
  3. Matze 3:16

    Photo Op Question

    can anybody from SM answer the question please?
  4. Matze 3:16

    Photo Op Question

    any chance for an Peter Jurasik/Stephen Furst Double photo shoot for the B5 fans?
  5. Matze 3:16


    If the con is from friday to sunday - which guest are on friday?
  6. Matze 3:16

    Guest suggestions

    some V guests please
  7. Matze 3:16

    Guest suggestions for LFCC 2010

    Mark Pellegrino ( Jacob from LOST )
  8. Matze 3:16


    I´m very interested in this event. And if Bill is coming, I´ll buy my ticket asap
  9. Matze 3:16

    Roomie Wanted!

    send you an email
  10. Matze 3:16

    Room mate needed

    @stepster: is the room still availible? my email adress ist mathiasklimt@web.de
  11. We loved every minute of the weekend! The Staff ist still the best - always nice and friendly. THANKS to all @ showmasters! We already booked the rooms for next year too. Scott was my highlight, also the HP Twins. Keep up the great work...
  12. Matze 3:16

    very important News for Heroes fans

    some more german heroes fans would be there, if it´s not the same date as the another show. Bad timing for Showmasters. Greg is my favorite heroes act, but another show means a little bit more to us.
  13. Matze 3:16

    Guest Suggestions

    Christopher Meloni from Law and Order SVU and OZ would be a great guest, I think
  14. Matze 3:16

    Chevron 7.3

    Ben Browder is allready booked for another event at the same date. So it makes no sence, that he is still in this poll
  15. Matze 3:16

    One guest left

    because on the website is a text, that a guest will be announced soon Hope for a female guest