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  1. where are the guests from UK series like MERLIN PRIMEVAL TORCHWOOD SHERLOCK Little Britain/ Come fly with me ?????
  2. there are 2 stars behind "Standard Adult Programme at £98 **" on the webside, but no explaination. Please explain the stars and add the info on the side. Thanks.
  3. can anybody from SM answer the question please?
  4. any chance for an Peter Jurasik/Stephen Furst Double photo shoot for the B5 fans?
  5. If the con is from friday to sunday - which guest are on friday?
  6. I´m very interested in this event. And if Bill is coming, I´ll buy my ticket asap
  7. @stepster: is the room still availible? my email adress ist mathiasklimt@web.de
  8. We loved every minute of the weekend! The Staff ist still the best - always nice and friendly. THANKS to all @ showmasters! We already booked the rooms for next year too. Scott was my highlight, also the HP Twins. Keep up the great work...
  9. some more german heroes fans would be there, if it´s not the same date as the another show. Bad timing for Showmasters. Greg is my favorite heroes act, but another show means a little bit more to us.
  10. Christopher Meloni from Law and Order SVU and OZ would be a great guest, I think
  11. Ben Browder is allready booked for another event at the same date. So it makes no sence, that he is still in this poll
  12. because on the website is a text, that a guest will be announced soon Hope for a female guest
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