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  1. id give my right arm for more back to the future guests please, infact ill throw in my right leg too wat the hell
  2. yep just one of them things my heart goes out to them people that spent a fortune prepping for this event i hope you have a good time either way
  3. i def agree with you guests will always cancel thats for sure but say in an ideal world they had four events in a year more or less evenly spread and got lots of guests to go to each one then if one or two biggies did cancel it wouldnt hurt as much... take lfcc 08 for instance there was enough good guests that if one or two biggies did cancel the show still had enough pull to warrant the visit.... i know its hard and theres always arguements for bth sides i will say one thing that was a good decision and respect to SM was when they combined sportsmania with midlands that was wise thinking and they will repeat that in the future if they are wise...
  4. i wasnt surprised when dwight and richard cancelled in the least infact im still surprised dirk is still on for it (respect to him) , problem is lfcc 08 put in a lot of great actors/actresses etc and set the bar very high likewise in another respect im kinder glad in a way it cost me a fortune for lfcc 08 and when i saw this line up i thought here we go again banks going to be empty, the point im trying to make is i appreciate that showmasters try and put on X amount of shows per year to cater to everyones tastes where ever they may in the country to this we salute you but likewise i think thats there undoing ...some time quality is better than quantity and thats what is happening theres that many shows being banged into a year 1. its hard to afford them all 2. its hard to get the time off for them all 3. it ends up that the guests you wanna see are spread among 5 or 6 different events which is difficult 4. they get people winging because the show they are going to really hangs on 2 or 3 major guests and predictably from time to time they cancel and then the show really doesnt warrant a visit i can see what showmasters are trying to do i really can but i think a little less focus on quantity of shows, but focus on quantity, LFCC 08 was for me perfect the guests were great there were plenty of time to plan and save up and all issues from prev year had been resolved any one else agree ??
  5. how about David Caruso from csi miami?
  6. ive just died and gone to heaven what a guest yesssss
  7. think me an me mate be posing next year we are quite proud of our gucci like photos
  8. David Hasslehoff jump in my car baby
  9. yeah shes we me now and is not surprised and looking at them in disgust!!! lmao we are available for hire if you want anything modelling ha ha ha ha ha
  10. bit of flesh for the fans ha ha ha ha ha
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