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  1. Excellent, budget going higher and higher for this event
  2. theblackrose

    LFCC Cosplay Video from Sneaky Zebra

    Absolutely awesome, loving the guests getting in on it too
  3. theblackrose

    Latest Guest Announcement - BILLIE PIPER

    Sorry must be blind, can only see Steven Robertson on there? Ignore that, found it. 😀
  4. theblackrose

    Latest Guest Announcement - BILLIE PIPER

    Just got in from work, OMG seriously excited but how do I get tickets now?
  5. theblackrose

    Latest Guest Announcement - HENRY IAN CUSICK

    Holy cow, just did a 10 minute happy dance to this announcement
  6. theblackrose

    Who would you most like to meet TOP 5?

    Billy Burke Nikki Reed Michael Sheen Maggie Grace Rachelle Lefevre
  7. theblackrose

    Matt Smith Photo Op Numbers

    15, 16, 17
  8. Fabulously awesome announcement, tickets ordered
  9. Trying not to get too excited ...... but failing miserably
  10. Am absolutely loving this
  11. theblackrose

    latest Guest Announcement Jaimie Alexander

    Excellent announcement. Loved her in Thor
  12. theblackrose

    latest Guest Karl Urban

    Epic announcement. Loved him in Chronicles of Riddick