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  1. Hi I was gifted two photo ops that were dated for today but I missed them cause it got to hot in there will I be able to use them tomorrow
  2. not getting in before the time of your shoot it used to be that you would let a crew member know and they would see what they could do, dunno how there going to handle this now with the volume of people. not a problem for me as ive got nowt booked and ill only get there at about 10 anyway. in past that would have seen early bird already in again no idea now with one in all in ...
  3. Ill email you tomorrow ill get them in the info points over at metrocentre
  4. oh good , i kept trying to find the toilets in olympia where they should be in earls court and getting confused. ( it's the little things )
  5. the crew on the anthony head row on sat were doing a great job keeping everyone up to date even if jody and emma are too little /quite to be seen heard by all attendees bless them they must have gotten sick of telling people to move on from the end of the row and repeting when people were due back....
  6. still missing the main point of the thread its not about how much money that the guest may or may not revinue for me its about the quality of the product sold. if you forked out 20 to go to the imax to watch a movie you would complain if the sound went out , now imagin the sound went out the 3d decided not to work and the cut the end off the film, you would kick of and want a refund. thats the eqivalant of what happened at almost all the talks this weekend. i have no problems paying for the talks if there value for money. and sm are normlly quite good at fixing a problem, so when we complained about haydens talk to the organisers to be fobbed off with ' well no one else has complained ' is a bit low. to be told by crew (and there crew that have been doing it for a long time) that theres no point in complaining about a free talk despite telling them that it was a paid talk several times and to be told that your just being petty is pathetic and just plain rude. whoever decidied to put a paid for talk area in the busyest bit of the stalls and have no walls was obviosly having a bad day, we were sat at the back and yes crew were telling people to move along but even so that became the only thing that the last few rows could hear because of rubbish sound, oh yeah and the shouting of the crew members in the photo shoot area next to the talk area. to have only two microphones that were on wires and could not move caused it to become a que of people who eneded up having one on one conversations with hayden rather than the room , not that it mattered anyway cause we couldn't hear. i cant fault the one crew member who was trying her best to get things in order but to actually cringe at the unorganisation of the talk was hard to sit through i felt embarrassed for the guest im sure others did too. not all actors are comfortable adressing a full room of people let alone organising one not to mention how much of a fire risk that area must have been when it was that crowded. after seeing how much efort was put in to stop people seeing in to area a its a shame that the other talk areas were left to fend for themselves.
  7. Her talk on Saturday was appalling no organisation people sat in the talk who hadn't paid idiots asking for shout outs to family members . Bad sound I couldn't hear a thing ... I hope someone did film it so that it can go down as a example of how not to do a talk . She should not have had to organise a talk herself and it was more of a random cue to talk to her then a talk to a room of paying guests. I could have dealt with the bad sound if people had been moved on or there was a fourth wall on the area but every tom di.ck and harry was able to just wander in . Not on at all .
  8. Wasn't worth looking for when I found it . A disappointment after last few displays
  9. Obviously you didn't get a good look at the manga books did you . And for a long time there was a dvd stall that sold adult material . It's become more mainstream these days .
  10. Hydens talk was appalling . I felt so sorry for the girl . For there to be no .mc and for there not to be a ccrew member to travel with a microphone was stupid . It ended up with a cue of people asking questions if I wanted that I would have stood in her autograph cue. I couldn't hear a thing she said or the questions asked and the crew were letting people in who had not paid for the talk after the talk started who then proceeded to talk bout the next guest in the area after hayden .the sound was appalling and to be told that there was nothing that could be done is a joke. I know others had a problem with it as a hand full of us complained at the same time. And more have done so on here. Now I know most of the crew were new but even so paid talks should not be out in public and there should have been at least one member of experienced crew on there. I didn't see one person I recognised on that talk area all day .
  11. Trains at half 6 gotta got the 5 am bus to make sure I catch the train . I run on coffee till the first pint lol
  12. Know I'm sounding like a parrot here but will he be signing heroes stuff only don't want to bring a big poster for him to sign if he's not . Its got to many autos on to risk with no good reason
  13. Argh I hate to say it but I've actually missed London and I'm actually looking forward to visiting the old girl even if it's a half 4 start on sat.. I may fall asleep in my first pint . Very un Geordie of me
  14. The wizard you will be better of getting a day ticket as singles cost a fortune . Or if you can get a oyster card there better again as they will Cap your journeys at 7.50 a day and it costs less for a single
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