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  1. This is one of the best announcements you've ever had, no lie! More Chuck guests in future plleasseee!
  2. I'll be playing! Have only done one level 4 raid so far (Venusaur) and I failed to catch it =( Would love to do a Snorlax or Tyranitar one. I have an Unknown....! xx
  3. So so sad about this, especially as I missed meeting him last year at the other con he did over here. Please please please see if can reschedule!
  4. I guess this isn't included in Stevens diamond pass by any chance? Just checking! X
  5. OH MY DAYYSS! Been wanting to meet him for ages. Another addition to my TVD poster! Although not sure how I can work this as I'm at another con that weekend, already paid for!
  6. OMGGGG! I never thought this announcement would be someone I would be excited about! This surpasses all expectations! 3 LOST cast members at LFCC.....dream come true! Bring more! Xx
  7. I'm over the moon with this announcement! Finally someone for me to get truly excited about! More LOST guests please, SM! Xx
  8. Eeeek! More original XMen cast guests would be awesome....keep em coming! *cough Ice Man *cough* Xxx
  9. Gutted. I'm not meant to meet this man am I?! Couldn't go to the other event he attended.
  10. OMG so happy, you have no idea!! More LOST guests pretty please! Xx
  11. This is my pet peeve for all SM events at the moment tbh. The amount of guests from Star Wars/Doctor Who is considerably higher compared to other shows/franchises etc. Each to their own, I know, but it's never evenly spread. There were near on 40 SW guests at LFCC this year. I mean, I would have been in heaven if they'd had 40 guests from current TV shows instead! And I have a pretty huge list of what shows that would include! Xx
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