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  1. Hello All! Ive had my head in Cassandra Clare's books for the past month non stop my mind is living in her world! and even more so now the film is out and they have already started filming the second one! I cant wait! I do not believe I can be the only one excited about all of this . SO who else would LOVE to see Massive Events do an Mortal Instrument convention! Lilly Collins, Jamie Campbell Bower, Cassandra Clare, Robert Sheehan, Kevin Zegers and obviously all the other lovely cast!!
  2. I'm booked silver!! woop I've missed the last two ET's due to lack of funds! but YAY I'm coming this year! I can't wait! xx
  3. Ok ok.. so I caved in... and I watched Vampire Diaries... and LOVED it. Plus the fact that there is a nice lot of eye candy on the screen! I was just wondering if there is any events open that have some vampire diaries guests on already? or if there is any plans to maybe start introducing Vampire Diaries actors/actress's to the list? Also I'm wondering who else is out there thats loving this series? Season 3 thats just started! so GOOD! Looking for a natter and all that ? plus to be jealous of those that have met any of the cast!? Louise xXx
  4. I can't wait to see how good it is, as i don't get control of the tv much in my house luckily my mum saw it and said she would click it so it records all the episodes that get shown! wooo Also i think i will have the same problem not seeing SMG as Buffy , I will probly find myself sitting there wondering where the rest of the 'Scooby Gang' is! lol
  5. it was good, i still always stand by the fact that the movies for me never beat reading the book! but it looks good i LOVE the clip of them having the 'good stuff' so to speak lol and Edward breaks the bed! i can't wait now!!
  6. Peter Jackson has posted a 10minute video of behind the set of hobbit talking about it all,this can be found on his facebook page where he posted the pictures. I watched it this morning while at work :/ it was so amazing made me all giddy i CAN'T wait until its finished and we all get to watch it!
  7. omgod amazing! LOVE HIS VOICE.. so cute! So lucky Emma
  8. amazing photos although making me extremly jealous that i had no idea about all these con's and that they happened while i was sat bored in math,english,science etc classes..... stupid education! I hope i can afford to make it to this con! x
  9. I tend to swap and change between books a lot but atm I'm reading The Lost Saint by Bree Despain its the second in a series i don't know how many more she will be coming out with but i'm loving the story! Also would love to meet Cate Tiernan author of the sweep/wicca series and balefire and shes recently published the start of a new series beloved immortals... (yet to buy) I could name loads of others but I can't think atm ... at work.. oopsy should get back to work xx
  10. Kellan Lutz Birthday today! Thought i'd just say Happy birthday to him from here on the forum!
  11. I opt for this idea... alternatively you could do little readings... reading only the bits in each book that you really love like a little overview snippits ? lol
  12. WOW They look amazing!! i think maybe you should bring some to ET6 lol... a big order lol YUM
  13. Jesus you are so lucky! Where did you meet Ian? That was in London last June when they came over for promo. Met him twice before that too and going to Atlanta in 4 weeks to see him Too much love for The Somerhalder! xxxx I agree with Holly you are so lucky. I am extremly jealous right now and i never thought it was possible but he looks hotter in that picture then in vampire diaries! xXx
  14. I really like the idea of having the authors there. The only problem like many of you said is that i never got to attend any of the talks it was to hectic wiuth the long ques for photos and autographs. But i would still love to see maybe two authors at ET6 like all you have suggested x
  15. Name: Louise Where you are from: Nr Dover Kent ETs attended: ET3 & ET4 sadly couldnt afford ET5 :'( Interests: reading, films, sketching(art work),being with my mates and due to one mate ,,, now going to these events! Attending on your own or with others: hopefully with others... yet to buy ticket... Pic includes my age lol Uploaded with ImageShack.us
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