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  1. I understand what you are saying but if you have had your gold ticket for a while your number Is going to be higher up therefore you will be nearer the front and it won't affect you it will affect silvers and standards!! I think that is it nice that new people want to come to the event and more people isn't going to change the value of your ticket it will create a better atmosphere and I think people should think about other people and try to be more inclusive and open to mememnbers and to create a great experience for everyone after all we aree all there for the same reqson aren't we?
  2. I get what everyone is saying and yeah I'll admit I wouldn't want to get shoved back a few rows :L but showmasters are trying to make this the biggest best last twilight convention ever !! There are still newbies coming and more people equal better guests and not everyone can afford a ticket straight away :L
  3. Grey's anatomy, twilight, harry potter!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Yes kellan lutz and katherine heigl!!!! Katherine heigl would be awesome
  5. Gonna stick with my usual requests : twilight,harry potter, grey's anatomy!!!!! :dance: CHYLER LEIGH KATHERINE HEIGL PHELPS TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Yes thanks sooooo much anaother twilight volturi member to tick of my list :D just got my mum to get our tickets!!
  7. Why would you have to announce it you could keep it a secret !!
  8. I like the idea of an anything goes theme cause it's simple then i can dress up as anything i like!! i may even wear a beard
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