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  1. Brought my silver ticket so excited. So happy its not in October as I have 5 birthdays that month. My nieces and nephews would never forgive me. As this convention would win hands down haha!!!
  2. My packs came today THANK YOOOOOOOOOU!
  3. Thank you so much my lovely. very excited breaking dawn today and my pack in a day or so wahooo thank u for making my week :-D
  4. Hello I wondered if any of the moderators or yvie can see this. I wasn't able to attend the event so I was told my two packs would be sent to me. its been 3weeks since the event I just wondered if they had been sent yet. many thanks and sorry in advance. I have emailed but haven't had a reply of which I do understand everyone is busy. just I'd really like my two gold packs thank u x
  5. low attendees now guest/guests cancelling booooooo lol! :-D
  6. im off work with flu so im sure a few off ur germs won't kill me lol. recieved my letter today :-D lets hope im feeling better soon.
  7. I just love all off the soundtrack's there so great. normally they ask people what they want to hear but no topic was started that im aware off. not much has been said and done like the rest of the conventions before hand which is sad. do u know where I can find there email address? Just found the email address ;-) thanks anyway x
  8. Hi everyone was just wondering what everyone though off a twilight saga soundtrack play list at the partys. I know not everyone would want to here just the 5 soundtracks all night but maybe mix them all in at some point over the whole weekend. would be awesome :-D and maybe if the moderators see this they might think its a good idea ★
  9. this is such sad news :-( which sucks! I brough a gold ticket when normally I buy standard for the reason so I could get better seats at talks etc disappointed to find out I could have saved myself a lot off money and brought a standard ticket and still got a good seat at the talks with very few people attending I hope were still be called in by ticket types and numbers regardless to the emount off people there :-D not being funny so im very sorry if anyone reads the and gets annoyed reading this just this was meant to be something special and my last con as im getting married next year and couldn't afford it again. I even spent some off my wedding fund on my gold ticket pmsl. see you all there can't wait even though I had that little moan im still mega excited. see u all soon x
  10. yeah im staying at the hilton. thank u I think I'll pay at reception when I checkout. thanks guys.
  11. hi ya sorry im a little confused as ive never driven to Birmingham before. where do u get the parking tickets from? and where do u pay? sorry in advance lol. can u buy more then one day at a time?
  12. Thanks :-) just seen the new guest so excited to meet him, was hoping he'd be coming after seeing him in part2 loved his charactor so much. AND MORE TO COME NOW U HAVE OUR ATTENTION. ONE WORD CULLEN please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. OMFG after watching part2 i was hoping he'd be coming so excited. thanks x
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