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  1. Emelso

    Bill Skarsgard

    My guilty pleasure has become Hemlock Grove - I'd love to meet him!
  2. Emelso

    Guest announcement: CLAUDIA BLACK

    Oh my gosh I wish I wish I wish I wish I'd managed to get this weekend off work - I am absolutely gutted that I can't meet Claudia again
  3. Awesome - might get my Skins box-set signed!!
  4. Emelso

    Eliza Dushku for LFCC!

  5. She is so incredibly lovely!!
  6. Emelso

    Moonlight (TV Series)

    I've just discovered this absolute gem and would love to meet some of the actors such as: Alex O'Loughlin, Sophia Myles, Jason Dohring and Shannyn Sossamon!
  7. Also just got in to Moonlight so guests from that please :)
  8. Emelso

    A Soppy Moment...

    As the DVD is out today it's actually made me realise that all this...this AMAZING 5 years is over...I watched the credits on YouTube... big mistake I just wanted to say thank you to the wonderful people I've met and to the cast who have been amazing - I'm going to miss you all so much! FOREVER
  9. ^ Yeah v true! Sorry!
  10. Like I said although this says "vampire" it was because a Twilight fan started it and not ME I think that guests from modern takes of the supernatural would not mix with classic horror - no disrespect to either side but although they contain the same beings they aren't similar things. If there is enough demand there should be a "Classic Horror" con and a "Contemporary Supernatural" con and then all will be happy Otherwise they'll be an odd con mix with Rob Pattinson and Carla Laemmle
  11. ^ Love those! Depending whether the con goes down a teen supernatural fiction route or vamps - it may be a bit of an impossible but Emma Thompson (Beautiful Creatures)?