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  1. I actually quite enjoyed this conversation.... To be fair, most Dealers I know would banish a normal sharpie in the bin rather than use it as they are horrible pens. The rumour about Blue pens is well known out there and it is about lifting the signature off the paper for creating copies... Im pretty sure you could use any colour though, but never having done something like that I wouldn't really know. As for dealers in general though, they make a living selling signed items... people buy them for a number of reasons, some including, not being economical to go to a show for 1 person, buying it is cheaper. Maybe they don't want the memory they just want to complete part of a collection, buying a signed item which isn't a photo like a prop or a mask or anything out of the ordinary which the person couldn't get but wanted..... Maybe they are pushy at events such as premieres and gallery openings and other things but at a show they pay the same money as a collector so are entitled to the same respect whether they make you wait or not, Live and let live folks and stop demonising people for making a little cash.
  2. Nathan Fillion the first time I got him at an SM Event was £15. Which is why i bought a lot. Now he's £20 I only go for a couple.
  3. Yeah, can I just ask why Robert is now charging £20 instead of his usual £15? This would be a question that needs an answer, I have items lined up to get signed by Robert but at £20 its too expensive.....
  4. Whilst I've enjoyed and Grimm and to a lesser extent Once Upon a Time, can you really see either of these shows being renewed for a second season?
  5. Hurrah Hurrah, someone who thinks the same way as me. Once its purchased its yours to do with what you want. If you are buying to sell though, you won't make millions.... :-)
  6. Just FYI but David tennant and Catherine Tate arnt signing dr who photos at the theatre but you might get a pic with if you're lucky....
  7. Totally la Bamba. Bought the Vinyl soundtracks a few weeks ago at a record fair thinking he'd be over soon and hey..... :-) Gotta love this seeing into the future lark... now the lottery numbers...
  8. Thats the photo I have for her to sign.... now to get rid of Howard! Hmmmm
  9. Run into London and do some IP collecting at the theatres. Then grab the train home! Home by 1am I reckon
  10. The question we all want to know is will she sign her Playboy shots if we take them in (as I doubt showmasters will provide the images!) ;-)
  11. Both Mark and Jess will be signing over the two days. is this a free signing or the normal £15 a shot signing? answered just checked the signing days and prices thread.
  12. There was this Bee and then there was this Bird right, and then the Bee stung the bird well you now where it goes from here...............don't you?
  13. They cancelled it so they could look at developing post watershed programming as thats where the advertising money comes from. ages 20-50 after 9pm. So I hear... But ya for Jason Fleyming as he has now got the part in the remake of Clash of the Titans which he wouldn't have been able to take if he had to do season 4 of Primeval.
  14. Don't know if you know but Leonard's signing days and Nathan's signing days have changed. Leonard is now signing just sat & sun and Nathan is signing all 3 days Thanks for this, hadn't even thought of checking and now I have it means I can come on Friday as everyone I want apart from Glenister is there! Really looking forward to this event now. :-)
  15. LOL @ Nicky, did you watch the movie? I have this exact picture signed by Piper...... in fact I have 2 and lots of others she's sexy....
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