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  1. Yeah I had a feeling some bits would be a real struggle. Plus I think we would hit ankles in some bits too. Thanks.
  2. Ah was that at Earls Court. Think we attended that one and it was very hectic and boiling hot. I had a feeling people wouldn't be too forgiving. Thanks.
  3. Yes maneuvering round I ment but yes good point. Hadnt thought of that. Still would be keen to hear of any other parent experiences. Thanks.
  4. Hello all, Im hoping to get some feedback from anyone who has been to LFCC with a child/toddler before and whether they found there was space in the venue for a pushchair? and any other hints/tips you may have for me! Thanks in advance! Alan
  5. Snap. I know a few people who are going to come to see him alone! Great booking. Now fingers crossed for more Buffy cast.
  6. These posts put me to shame. For me only constantly saying sorry when I accidently bumped into people!
  7. I saw a few people selling them on Sunday. Wasn't bothered on getting one just for the day but I wish I'd got my ticket back as I left. Gutted that I forgot to ask (yes I'm one of these people who collects ticket stubs).
  8. Totally feel that pain. Work feels so wrong after the con. Eugh.
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