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  1. Forum Name Jo Pussinabox Real Name Jo Age/Location 39 by HW6 and South Wales What Ticket have you got/getting? Gold 20 Most wanted guest for Hallowhedon 6? Nathan Fillion Other Hallowhedons attended 4 and 5 Hotel? Con hotel Facebook/Twitter etc Jo Pusisnabox on both. Also blog on http://pussinabox.blogspot.co.uk/ Favourite Movie? Lord of the Rings ( the trilogy as one big film!) Favourite Other TV Show(s)? Spartacus, Veronica Mars, BSG, This Life Favourite Music? Prince Anything else we need to know? I set up a group on Facebook to give support to anyone in any fandom - The Fandom Support Group. We have some great discussions about film, tv, books, music - anything really Photo? On my profile pic
  2. I really like that Hallowhedon have managed to get Buffy and Angel guests that haven't done lots of conventions and I also loved Jane being at this year's event. How about more writers etc - Steven DeKnight, Doug Petrie, etc. But totally agree that it would be good to see some guests from other Whedon shows such as Firefly, Dollhouse and SHIELD. I was thinking: Alan Tudyk Nathan FIllion Iain De Caestecker Christina Hendricks Adam Baldwin To start with
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