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  1. that was me Rosie! it was my pleasure didn't want you to miss out! i had the best 2 days i could have ever hoped for - looking after Shane & Sam! they were incredible! we had so many members of the public, like yourself come back to see them 2, 3, 4 times for more autographs or just another chat! they were so friendly to everyone. it was nice for me too, when people like yourself came back to say thanks to me as well..as i wanted to make sure everyone got the most out of meeting Shane & Sam during the weekend! amazing weekend.. thanks to the crew that helped me out so much as well - Debbie, Elizabeth, Kev, Kelly, Idris etc etc! made it really special for me for my first time crewing.
  2. i know i felt really bad for them! meant to come up to you and say well done on looking after the SM twitter - don't know how you cope with answering the same questions all the time! but still remain polite & friendly
  3. just wanted to say a massive thanks to the guys at Showmasters & Marvel UK for my WINNING tickets to the Thor: The Dark World premiere! still in shock about it.. had a fantastic weekend..as usual
  4. everyone i meet during Saturday / Sunday were amazing no bad encounters. even the brief ones with Billie & Jenna were great. highlights included - Gillian who had a funny, embarassing moment with the person before me & was delighted to hear how much i'm enjoying The Fall. Gethin was amazing - so friendly, funny, charming, coming out from behind the desk to do photos with everyone. Ariana was lovely - talked about the chance of her being in JP4 & the new 3D version of the first film. Steven - a great guest i've mentioned in his thread already. John Leeson & Mat Irvine were really chatty - Mat was happy to hear i had 2 copies of his SFX book from the 80s! Alfie, Ellie, Charles, Neil, Anjili, Luke, Mark - were also all really nice to meet & chat with. Bonnie - was a sweetheart - and it was so nice that she created a frenzy in the morning & had to be moved to a bigger area! now broke after a great weekend! thank you SM
  5. steven was one of my highlights as well - so excited to be there! spent about 5 mins discussing Being Human with him, working on Shetland etc. an amazing guest - got 3 autographs & a desk photo with him.
  6. I went to a few talks and they were all good but with slight areas of disappointment. the sound problem at the end of the x-files talk which delayed the GOT talk on Saturday was a shame. Hayden on the Saturday talk was a true professional and organised the questions herself while staying polite and funny. A class act so well done to her. Also well done to Gillian for not having a breakdown as she was asked the same question 3 times by foreign guests! i actually think the talks at CMMK recently were better as they were in a quiet room and more controlled but obviously difficult to do at this venue. Enjoyed the Hunted & Thomas Dekker talks on Sunday the most as they went without any hitches.
  7. Hunted looks amazing...the preview and the panel were great. the free signing was a great bonus it was just a real shame that they were under such a tight deadline. it was lovely to see Melissa as i've been a fan like most since the Home and Away days. i didn't get to speak to her during the signing as she was checking on the time they needed to leave which was a shame. but she seemed lovely and looks incredible in the show...an Alias for a new generation. i did manage to shake Franks hand and tell him the show looks amazing! it would be great to get them back under more relaxed conditions in the future.
  8. thanks that helps...got a few photoshoots & talks that are close together so it doesn't look there is far to travel which is a relief.
  9. my first time at CM - looks simple. just wondered where is the hotel 'entrance' for the talks?
  10. i have the same 'clash' issue as katnissed. i've got a ticket for the Karen talk - followed by the John B & Doctors talk...but really want to go to the Finn Jones photoshoot. i'd also prefer not to miss the talk and i have quite a good ticket number (16). i imagine this would be near the front so don't really want to come and go during it for the shoot. as suggested above, is going to the shoot first the best option & explain the situation. then hope that maybe the talk is running a bit behind schedule as i appreciate that may happen. i expect it will be very busy like the one karen did at LFCC so could take a while for everyone to be seated. plus karen goes from her photoshoot to the talk which i expect will also be popular. therefore i hope that i haven't missed much - if any of the talk. sorry if this repeats earlier points - just wanted to be sure. will also get a desk photo with Finn as a back up. thanks for any advice.
  11. ok just realised that if his photoshoot replaces James it will be at 2pm - also known as during Karens talk. fingers crossed it doesn't clash..
  12. Great News - Weirdly i've been thinking about Finn today after his brilliant re-appearence at the end of ep 9 of GOT that i watched this morning. This cheers me up a bit after the sad cancellations of Thomas, Chris & Leven from my 'to see list'! as mentioned i expect he will do the talk & have a photoshoot added to the schedule?
  13. thanks for the help...will make my bookings and hope for the best.
  14. I'm about to book a last batch of tickets before the shop closes today. Quick question as talks have been added to the mix and like others I'm concerned about the potential for clashes with photoshoots. i appreciate crew will do the best to make sure no one misses anything. Anyway my aim is... Sat - attend 3 talks & 7 photoshoots Sun - attend 2 talks & 6 photoshoots obviously day specific photoshoots have to apply to the day booked. but as i have 3 photoshoots on Sat (callum, chris & thomas) that happen on both days is there an option availible to exchange sat to sun if a clash is unavoidable but doesn't occur on Sunday. obviously as long as tickets are still availible on the other day?! hope this is possible if the schedule permits. looking forward to the event now even more and a 'clash' free timetable - with hopefully photoshoots in the mornings and talks in the afternoons. thanks for the advice
  15. i felt sad watching the last ep of the Secret Circle this morning. a great set up and cliffhanger that would have led into a promising series 2. still looking forward to seeing thomas and chris - a real shame the show is over?! 'save the secret circle' campaign i think...
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