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  1. Hi, trying to find a dealer who was at Collectormania 21, they had memorabilia in the title of their company and were by the main doors of the arena. They were selling signed pictures and film cells, does anyone know which dealer this was? Thanks
  2. The photoshoot hasn't been updated on the online shop yet, will they be updated before it closes?
  3. Are any of them going to be going still? Gutted if they've all cancelled
  4. Are any sports guests going to be announced for Collectormania 21?
  5. Peter Capaldi and Jenna-Louise Coleman
  6. Will any of the West Ham 1980 team be having photoshoots?
  7. I had a photo with Geoff Hurst on Saturday and can't find his photo collection on the photo shelter website?
  8. How much is Buzz Aldrin's autograph?
  9. Kenny Baker - Met him at Collectormania 19, would love to have a photoshoot with him :)
  10. Went to Collectormania and saw that Gordon Banks had cancelled, What happened?
  11. I've got a 1966 match programme I wanted Geoff Hurst and Gordon Banks to sign, would this count as an item, or will it be normal price? Thanks
  12. Will Jenna louise Coleman's or any of the sports guests autographs be available on the pre order store on the collectormania website?
  13. Are there going to be any more sports guests for Collectormania? A suggestion that we could have some more 1966 guests and have a reunion like the Leeds team. Thanks
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