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  1. Yes, green screens have set sessions. I'm not sure if the non guest AOS green screen will be different each day I'm afraid, it may well be set up to reflect the different Clark shoot each day, though I'm not sure a Tahiti background without Clark would make much sense so it may be the Saturday set up which in the shop it says the Saturday one with Clark is with the AOS logo.
  2. Heh, we should all take really boring photo's just for you. "This is a wall on the second floor in the 3rd hall, it's interesting to note that the paint is a slightly different shade than the other walls in here because...." "This is a picture of the floor, I have many fond memories of hours spent sitting on this floor, and it's in fact more intimately acquainted with my bum than some furniture in my house"
  3. I've never bothered with show programs so I have no idea.
  4. Me too. You never know, I mean it'd be a money spinner for sure, who wouldn't want a picture of themselves in an Aston for a few quid. and yeah, they add the tickets bit on to everything to remind people they can buy other stuff They are mine!
  5. Most are. Clark's on Sunday is a paid talk so you need a ticket for that one.
  6. Ignore my post Callum, Peter Capadi's is correct. I must learn to read things properly I totally didn't see you say Sunday at all and my timings were for Saturday.
  7. He's not unfortunately, there were some cancellations on Friday and he was one of them.
  8. Only on facebook as far as I can see, but wow, that's a decent competition
  9. Glue yourself to Twitter in that case
  10. For ease - Robert's AM shoot is 10.15- 10.35 and the PM one is 4.30-5.30 Just remember he's only human! I've been where you are so I get it. If you have a question for him keep it short as there will be a lot of people behind you waiting their turn as well, maybe write it down in case you get tongue tied. Get your item for signing ready in the queue so you have it ready when you get to the front, take a deep breath and try and relax.
  11. I have no idea what you are talking about
  12. Heh, the notification for your post popped up and I read it as the 'shut up' thread
  13. If it's like the normal car displays it'll just be out on the floor for people to look at, and the link doesn't mention anything about having pictures with it. I doubt you will be able to have a photo in it as it's not a prop shoot and usually it's the owners bringing them to display. As it's an Aston I'd not be surprised if it were roped off to keep it from being damaged but I'd imagine you'll see what's what with it on the day.
  14. You'll be fine and at least you are starting with the smaller of Showmasters London events Just remember to take a moment to breath and enjoy yourself. Remember if you have any problems on the day talk to the crew there, and if they can't help, a Pit Boss (crew in a red tshirt who are senior and look after the area they are in) as it's easier to sort something out when you are there rather than after.
  15. Guests sign all day except when in a shoot, talk or on a break. Make sure you read the FAQ/Auto section on the website so you understand how it all works as the big guests will be on the Virtual Queue system so it's best to read up about that. The floor plan hasn't been published yet.
  16. Remember that if it's at another event it can't be discussed.
  17. Er, I think that one might be a bit hard to sort out in time
  18. Clark's shoot is nice and early so theoretically I could be completely done by about 10.30
  19. This is probably the best plan, get through Georgina first then rush over to the other booth.
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