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  1. Damn sadly can’t make this but that’s a brilliant price for him
  2. Rydog2k

    General Chat

    Quick question anyone else still wearing their 3 day passes? I’m scared to take it off
  3. Rydog2k

    Great day at LFCC but...

    To be fair he asked politely and was trying to be respectful with a genuine question, although it’s a questionable question you can tell there wasn’t any hate made purposely there
  4. Rydog2k

    LFCC 2019 - An appreciation.

    Overall I thought the event was done very well, staff were all incredibly kind and the talks were amazing although I must say some of the people attending have no respect (only a small percent) and this has nothing to do with showmasters but seriously seeing people barging through and skipping queues etc just generally being disrespectful is disgraceful but still overall was very enjoyable... also side note please if you’re going to sit on a chair at the event, please pull up your trousers or pull down your top, just cover up some way lol
  5. Rydog2k

    Guest Suggestions

    So with all the Hobbs and shaw advertising that seems to be going on how’s about a last minute idris?!
  6. Rydog2k

    I hate Funko Pops!

    The main appeal of them to me is the hunt, some of them are exclusives for cool characters and can be very satisfying to find one, although can completely understand the hate for them and they’re definitely overpriced
  7. Got my Morgan pop vinyl in a protector and covered in bubble wrap for the journey to London, so excited to meet this legend
  8. Rydog2k

    Guest Suggestions

    Just gonna keep praying for some mcu or breaking bad
  9. Damn shame that Jason isaacs and peter serafinowicz overlap but apart from that that’s an amazing amount of free talks, I think it’s more then I’ve seen any other year and a lot of them are very good imo!
  10. They’ve replied to a few people on Twitter today saying there will be more announcements :)
  11. Rydog2k

    Guest Suggestions

    Still hoping for any marvel (idris, Tom hardy or woody harrelson would be awesome) or some breaking bad guests, with about 2 weeks left I’m sure that’s more than enough time for another marvel actor/actress
  12. Rydog2k

    Statement From Jason

    I saw on twitter someone asked when the other legendary guests will be announced and they replied when the contracts are signed... not if the contracts are signed, I’ll take it with a pinch of salt incase they just forgot but sounds promising to me
  13. Rydog2k

    Disappearing Announcement

    I think we all do, sadly I can’t see that happening... but you never know
  14. Rydog2k

    Disappearing Announcement

    Does anyone know if this statement has been made yet?? I’m not sure if I missed it or if it’s still to be made
  15. Rydog2k

    Statement From Jason

    Would still love to see Laurence fishburne, and now there’s 2 potential duo photo shoots he could have!