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  1. RyanHSaunders91

    Alex Kingston refund

    Yeah, I have faith. It’s just taking longer than normal due to Alex cancelling the first day of the event and Peter cancelling Sunday on Saturday of the event. No problems with refunds before, so I guess it’s just patience
  2. RyanHSaunders91

    Alex Kingston refund

    I’m currently waiting for a refund from Alex and Peter Serafinowicz (for Sunday). You usually get an email confirmation from showmasters, regarding the refund, but none as of yet
  3. RyanHSaunders91

    Photos! Let’s see them!!

    If a fan pays pays money to meet them, at least say hello, instead of acting like an empty shell
  4. RyanHSaunders91

    General Chat

    I’m on about the people who walk up to you and expect you to move out of their way and when you do, they don’t say thanks. Ignoramuses
  5. RyanHSaunders91

    Photos! Let’s see them!!

    I heard a rumour from a friend on FB that some inappropriate sexual comments were made toward her during the AM shoot, that’s why she was the way she was. Whether it’s true or not I don’t know. I know it happened to Carole Ann Ford a few years ago at an event, that’s why she doesn’t allow contact during photo shoots
  6. RyanHSaunders91

    Photos! Let’s see them!!

    She barely made eye contact (even briefly) and didn’t speak at all during the signing. The photo shoot was no different. I’d understand if it was towards the end of the day because she’ll be tired, but this was fairly early on. Very disappointed, she didn’t seem like she even wanted to be there at all
  7. RyanHSaunders91

    General Chat

    The only criticism I have from this weekend, is when you’re queueing for autographs and people just cut through the line as a short cut. This should not happen! To avoid this, maybe have some barriers up or something?
  8. RyanHSaunders91

    LFCC 2018 Highlight

    This year’s summer event is only a couple of days away, and more great guests have been announced. My main highlight from last year was meeting Christopher Eccleston, as that was his first ever signing. The 9th Doctor was everything the Doctor should be and without Chris paving the way for the show to be as successful and popular as it is today, the show wouldn’t be here. His Doctor is I think underrated and should be given more credit. What were your highlights of 2018’s summer LFCC?
  9. RyanHSaunders91

    Showmasters Event App Launched

    This is brilliant and super convenient! Saves time planning and printing a schedule
  10. RyanHSaunders91

    Guest cancellation - ALEX KINGSTON

    Perfect! Photo shoot in the pipeline! :-)
  11. RyanHSaunders91


    Ah, my apologies, I wasn’t aware of that. But it does seem that somebody else, presumably admin, has already edited it
  12. RyanHSaunders91


    Reason is that some Autographs of him on a picture of a Mondasian Cyberman are being sold. I was just confused as to why he would sign an image of a cyberman if he didn’t play one
  13. RyanHSaunders91


    Did he also play one of the Mondasian Cybermen in Series 10?
  14. RyanHSaunders91

    LFCC 2019 Schedule LIVE - UPDATE 24/07

    Cool stuff. I’ll go the shoot that ends first, as I’m Batch 1 DP for Jason Isaacs
  15. RyanHSaunders91

    LFCC 2019 Schedule LIVE - UPDATE 24/07

    I have a couple of questions regarding times and batches: 1.) Does JB’s (AM) and Jason Isaacs shoot start at 09:25 or 09:30? 2.) When it says which batch numbers will likely be called, would that be standard tickets or Diamond batches? Reason I ask, is that I have DP Batch 4 for John Barrowman and Jenna Coleman, and wondered which shoot to go to?