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  1. Just had a refund notification from Eventbrite saying Sharon D Clarke has cancelled and there is nothing on Social Media?
  2. Well according to the ticket I booked mine on 1st November so definitely before batch 3 or 4
  3. Thanks guys, just went on the ticket sales page and went on as if to buy another John Simm DP and scrolled down and there were batches which were definitely not there when I purchased mine. However, the sold out batches started at batch 4 and they are currently on batch 8. So if they only introduced it at batch 4 then it’s possible I could be 1-3?
  4. So does that mean mine will have a 0 on the lanyard badge? As I said there is no batch at all on my tickets
  5. I bought them when he was in the very early stages of being announced yes. I buy at least one DP for the London events every year and never known a batch for Diamond Passes. Like I said I understand that when I collect my pass it always has a number on it but, the tickets have never had a batch as such. Is that something that’s just happened at this event?
  6. I have two John Simm Diamond Passes and I’ve printed the tickets out but, can’t see anywhere that there is a “batch” on them. I’ve looked on the Eventbrite app with the shorter version of the tickets and still can’t see anything?
  7. I keep seeing various posts saying “I have batch “whatever” of Diamond Pass” I have two Diamond Passes and they don’t have Batch numbers on them? I know that when I collect my DP it will have a number on but, until then how do I know which batch it is?
  8. Hi, I’ve just re read the main subject and queuing info. It says that Gold and Extra Help are at the National Hall Entrance? This is the black dot on your map right? I think I read it and assumed that it was where the Gold queuing was at the summer event which by the looks of it is the Grand Entrance yes? However, by the looks of it, it’s general ticket holders and those who haven’t registered for Extra Help at the Grand Entrance? So the entrance for General is opposite the Station is that right? And we are around the corner opposite the Hand and Flower pub?
  9. It’s the Saturday yes but, is there a map to show the different queuing areas? That way I can see where I’m going from one area to another
  10. I have Extra Help and according to above will be queuing in the same area as Gold Passes. However, the Diamond Pass collection is in the Hall where everyone else is queuing. My DP is for John Simm and his first photo slot which is the one I’d like to be at is first thing. How can people with mobility and health issues get from one queuing area to another to collect the pass they need when they first enter the event?
  11. Thank you I will email and ask
  12. Thank you for this. I’ve went through and the link takes me to the Extra Help form that is on the original web pages. Within the drop down menu to say which event you are requiring Extra Help for there is no LFCC Spring. Only the Summer event. Should I just add that one but, put my Spring Ticket Number? I think it needs updating to incorporate the new Spring event because it’s also got a list of dates to day when you need the ore regusteration in by and again Spring isn’t in the list. Although on the link you sent it has an “end” date which is helpful. Thanks again.
  13. Hi, Please Help. I’ve looked on the web page for the Spring LFCC and as it’s a different layout to the other events there is no “Accessibility” tab to fill in the Extra Help form? Please can someone shed some light on how I can pre register for Extra Help? also I have just noticed that it says the event is in the General Hall of the Olympia, is this a different part or will it be in the same entrances as the Summer event? Will the queuing system be the same etc? Thanks in advance for your help
  14. Sat outside the Olympia West Door for the Extra Help queue and we are first in the queue. Everyone else coming to queue up are all walking to Gate H and I’m wondering am I in the right place lol
  15. Thank you, will this be open all day until show close on Friday please? Just with there being Mugs with a couple of my Passes I don’t want to be carrying them about all day and would rather collect close to 7pm
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