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  1. But they are starting to get a bit raw now.
  2. I don't think it's actually possible for me to be able to come on here more , unless I give up sleeping! As long as we get our work done and don't be super obvious about it they have never really cared about anyone's internet usage luckily. I will hopefully be able to get some more stuff watched though. My immediate colleagues can't really do anything from home so are basically getting 2 weeks holiday. At least the traffic thing is a slight silver lining.
  3. Oh and I'm officially working from home now for at least the next 2 weeks.
  4. Obviously anything can happen but fingers crossed given the months still to go everything will be better in time for LFCC and the warmer weather should help combat the virus I believe. It's no real assurance but out of all the events, time wise LFCC might be quite well placed.
  5. Pretty much what Nate says. They won't comment until/unless they have something official to say as it's way to far in the future to know what the situation will be like in July or what the guests feelings will be on coming over. And yes, don't book any hotels/travel unless they are cancellable or transferable, but that's good advice for cons anyway. (or make sure you get insurance that will cover stuff like this) Unfortunately the situation may change at any time and if Showmasters need to make a decision they will do what's best for the show, the guests and the attendees and will let people know as soon as practical and there's nothing we can do about it. Hopefully summer stuff will be less affected as it's far enough ahead that the spread will probably have reached everywhere by then if it's going to and I believe the warmer weather reduces illnesses like this as well.
  6. Passengers. Decent film, very nice visuals. At the beginning why is he putting a jacket on to go and meet his fellow passengers? He's on a climate controlled spaceship. And at the end it's just as well that all those medical procedures she initiates that she has no idea about don't backfire. Also someone's going to get a shock when they find their rotting corpses.
  7. https://www.facebook.com/pg/DoctorWhoArchive/posts/?ref=page_internal
  8. Lol, no worries, I knew the lyrics were different as it's actually come up recently, but I couldn't be arsed to look them up.
  9. A Christmas Carol (2019 BBC). You can't really go wrong with anything Dickens related as the stories are so well known. Guy Pearce does well in the title role, flipping between fond remembrance and cynical miser with aplomb. It's a good adaption of it and is suitably atmospheric though a lot darker than any other version I've seen, there was one tiny part I didn't like where they had put their own flair on an aspect of the story, but it was a minor issue. I however can't watch any version of ACC, no matter how seriously it's portrayed, without 'Here comes Mr Humbug, Here Comes Mister Scrooge' rolling around in my head.
  10. It's pinned at the top but it's letting me link it now
  11. There isn't one. Jason posted on Facebook in a group earlier and I think he said he will be updating the website this week, so presume that will be for all upcoming events.
  12. I know you are well familiar with how it all works but I'd perhaps advise Robbie's DP - he's only there a day and with no idea how quick a signer he will be do you want to rick missing out?
  13. Can everyone stop saying that word please, it's really rude.
  14. Remember to tell us what you thought of them as well, it doesn't need to be much. No the Depp one.
  15. Our Idiot Brother. A nice uncomplicated film with a decent cast list, not a bad watch if you find yourself with a bit of time. Paul Rudd leads a story about a family falling apart and coming together again around the titular character. Also
  16. It won't let me link it but they have just posted a competition to win a signed 8x10 from Ian Somerhalder from last summer if anyone wants to enter
  17. Well, potentially only 1 day
  18. As Wrong is a massive fan of Christmas and christmas films I highly doubt there's a single ounce of sarcasm there. This is Wrong in a nutshell
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