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  1. Basically it's too far out to have announce able plans as there's too many variables - either it'll be fine to go ahead relatively normally without extra precautions, extra precautions need to be taken (But that can mean many things - social distancing, masks on except in the shoots, lowered attendance figures) or it won't go ahead. Many events are postponing until next year still because of similar situations and there's just too much to plan for, but many event are still planning to go ahead. I know it's hard and stressful but when they have a picture of what the situation is nearer the
  2. Hi Posey, they won't comment unless they have anything official to say I'm afraid, and if and when they do, they will post it as soon as they can.
  3. Very sad news, such a young age.
  4. It's been a while so I might be wrong but I think if a shoot is sold out, it stay on the shop but just shows as sold out. If they aren't on there at all I'd say they haven't been added yet. And this is where it gets tricky - they have said in reply to people on facebook a couple of times that, paraphrasing here 'the guests are on the website'. To me that sounds like they are saying anyone showing on the site has reconfirmed. But it'd be nice, and easy for them to do, to post it separately so everyone knows, or even clear the website and reannounce people which confirms it and gives
  5. Diamonds are day specific so it'll be valid for whatever day you originally bought it for.
  6. Not just you Kurda, but I feel for all our European attendees and the difficult position of to buy or not you are all in. At least we know we can get there if we want.
  7. I second Claire, especially if she can bring her husband
  8. They've pretty much said 'the guests are on the website' so I take it that anyone there is confirmed.
  9. I'm not sure what you mean by cashed in, but yes, tickets for postponed events are still valid. If a guest you have a shoot booked with can't reattend, I'd presume they will handle it the usual way with a guest that cancels and refund those tickets, but they haven't actually said. There's no reason though to think that cancelled guests will be handled any differently than normal.
  10. In yesterday's announcement post about today's announcement on Facebook they did reply to someone along the lines that the guests were on the website, so I take that as confirmation that everyone listed on the front and guest page has been reconfirmed. But it would be nice if they said it clearly.
  11. I agree with Wrong. It's always possible they might one day try it again but as it's a function that's only on a few and not most of the guest pages and as it takes you to an area that requires a password, I'm guessing it's an error.
  12. Yes. I'm not sure how it will work with Eventbrite, but with other con companies ticket sites, they auto updated when they opened their shops again.
  13. There's no news unfortunately. As with all guests if there's anything official to say they will post it as soon as they can but won't usually discuss it outside of that.
  14. Pet Sematary (2019): It wasn't as bad as I feared it would be. There's a few changes from the book but for the most part the story is the same. It's nothing special really but was an OK watch.
  15. The Boys. This is a really good series, it's bizarre, childish, funny, crude and at times strange. I've loved it though. The chap who plays Homelander is brilliant, he can really do a good power mad psychopath and he was often really chilling to watch. The whole cast is superb. And I love the whole thing with The Deep and the fate of all his sea helpers. It's tragic and down right hilarious.
  16. I don't know how much it crosses into Showmasters territory but it's Jason's project so it's all legit
  17. 1) Public transport has been in operation all through out the pandemic, they reduced the train service but there's photo's from the height of the pandemic with those who still had to go to work all rammed into carriages, so I don't think that will be affected or a consideration really. 2) That is definitely a big concern - if they have to isolate for 2 weeks that probably makes it financially non viable. Though there is a high chance they won't have to if they have had the vaccination, but that probably makes it hard to find guests who have had it, that are free to come over, want to do
  18. https://variety.com/2021/film/news/yaphet-kotto-dead-dies-alien-bond-villain-1234931654/
  19. Was it an epic disaster? You didn't accidentally stab yourself with your wood did you?
  20. Usually pre orders get added around the time of announcement but there's no official timeframe so it's whenever really. Best thing to do is to check once in a while, or when they start making official announcements again. Most guests you won't have to worry about as pre order's rarely sell out, the only time I'd say you might want to order quickly is if they announced a massive A lister who would get a lot of people buying. Then they would probably cap it and you'd want to order sooner rather than later.
  21. As Wrong says the guests attending will all be available on the pre order site, it's just not been updated yet given the state of things. Also whilst there are lots of guests listed on the website, SM haven't ever said that they are reconfirmed yet. https://www.showmasterssales.com/collections/lfcc2021-pre-orders
  22. https://metro.co.uk/2021/03/12/cliff-simon-dead-stargate-sg-1s-baal-dies-in-kiteboarding-accident-14231176/ Very sad news. I met him a couple of times through Stargate cons many years ago and remember him as a pleasant chap.
  23. That would be really funny and you are committed to doing it now. May I recommend the arseless trousers for a modicum of decency?
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