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  1. For those who don't know about travel in London this site is really useful http://www.tfl.gov.uk/plan-a-journey/ and this one for hotels, eating places and other stuff in the area of the excel. http://www.excel-london.co.uk/visiting-excel/
  2. Going from Victoria to Excel is 38 minutes. This website gives you a journey planner for London transport http://www.tfl.gov.uk/plan-a-journey/
  3. No problem. I've been out that way before so any questions feel free to ask :)
  4. DSTL was a joint effort with another company, Showmasters/massive events work differently.
  5. The ramada is nice so yeah lol that's good. Also there are good transport links to the Excel, underground and bus. http://www.excel-london.co.uk/visiting-excel/ This link tells you what hotels, eating places and transport is nearby. What I would suggest is bring water with you as it can get warm in the centre.
  6. I thought I would start a thread for those who wanna share a hotel room and split the cost.
  7. amber08


    Sorry, sellers can not promote here.
  8. CosmicAvatar lol didn't have much energy think I was delerious from lack of sleep! It was good fun though and and worth taking all week to recover.
  9. I'd like to do a one big thank you to all the attendees who put comments up about me (Liza, was David Hasslehoffs cash Friday Prev, Jennifer Calverts guest assistant on Saturday and Photo A on Sunday.) Its so nice to get so many lovely comments and with regards to Photo A on Sunday, the management of the queues could only go smoothly with your help and the day went by without any major incidents or complaints made to me. You joined in the silliness and I can only hope I made it as fun for you guys as it was for me. Thanks to those who tried to cool me down, to all those who didn't mind when
  10. That would have been me shouting and in the Eve queue getting a group of people to shout for me as I got a little confused between the Eve and Norman as Norman queue had tagged on the end! I must admit I didn't call by number (only calling out for Gold first and then everyone else) as ether the queues where small enough that no one was really missing out or in the case of Norman there was 2 queues and because I didn't want people who had queued for a while and miss out, plus not knowing which side had started first, I took a little from each side and it ended up being the largest but fasted qu
  11. That would be Lisa. She's on the Forums somewhere, I'm sure she'll see this! I think that might be the same person who was managing the chaos around the Max Grodenchik / Salome Jens / Andrew Robinson shoots which all came in quick succession and then the Alexander Siddig reschedule. Thought her badge said Liza but could be wrong. Kept the groups waiting for each person well organised and separated, answered all queries quickly, got everyone quickly into position when it was time and by doing so just made sure it all went rather well. I'm well experienced in these events and have
  12. Thank you so much! My names Liza and that was before the end of the day when I started to flag a bit so less of the jumping about. But I really enjoyed it and you guys were all so great in joining in the silliness and being so patient when things took a bit longer. Again thank you for the kind comment hope to see you at the next one! :)
  13. As one of the crew at the event that really justifies the pain and tiredness thought I was just gettig old!! But was an amazing weekend.
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