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  1. Gold dont you believe it is GOLD GOLD nope seems little has been paid attention to
  2. This whole section of the forums is far to quite, I feel I COULD porbably RUN naked in here and no staff would blink an eye... STARKERS ... HAHA
  3. dont bash the receipient there in the right to question all non local currency.
  4. build it in parts or find a way to stay in london and make it in a workshop or pay a delivery company like ups or dhl to deliver it to a drop of point.
  5. I agree, have a pre or post con hotel arrangement for guests and dealers to get together.
  6. instant results = instant fixes = no checking of a good photo by staff before the paying party member gets the photo.
  7. I've still got all my stuff from last weekend to put away, everyone needs a break between weekend events. Can't wait to see what happens with future shows, but comic gold isnt something i will not repeat.
  8. If anything I blame this heat and humid London air, these storms and hot temperatures have kept me up at night and have caused it to linger. I'm using it as a double excuse to have ice cream and strawberies Got a big curry for tonight :)
  9. Did apes invade post LFCC, they have evolved!
  10. I wonder how eveyone would feel if wet whipes were given out when joining the queue to meet a guest, would more guests be happy to shake hands. I know I like to handle items to be signed/ after signing with clean hands so when storing I know, know dirt will be slid inside of the storage later on.
  11. Come back later to see more numbers... NO THANKS Having the numbers in one hall in one location, with no computerization and no availability of using the forums/facebook/twitter is unacceptable. I didn't like the lack of use of social media to convay new information, I feel they need to hire a dedicated person to manage the social on event days. Photos, times, news, competitions and more.
  12. Meet and Greet, Private ... standing arround a table in a group is far from private to begin with. I do agree with the comments made about the Comic Gold Pass here! It was never going to happen, oh and don't forget the VIP Drinks reception how was that VIP! Not a single VIP in sight, and as for the lack of drinks and the plastic mini whine glasses. VIP DRINKS RECEPTION PRIVATE MEET GREET all these did not happen, or were far from the expectation set!
  13. Wow thanks for all the replies, didn't expect to see so many. Day 2 and the worst has already gone, just in time for the Saturday storms and Friday heat :) Hope others have had the same experience, wishing everyone well here :)
  14. Yes and now there telling people not to email staff about refunds as this is holding up refunds.... how about talking about people who got shafted with poor experiences....
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