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  1. Great pics! What Tshirt is peter Serafinowicz wearing out of interest?
  2. Sorry if id said something wrong, new to the forum and still learning the rules.
  3. Omg Matthew Lillard made my day! Had a photo with him on saturday which was running VERY behind schedule. Id had a bad afternoon and by this point i was close to giving up and going home. But i stayed and went in and i think he could tell how i was feeling as he said"fu!!ing hug me" and gave me the tightest hug ever. Really made my day! What a lovely bloke!
  4. Wow sounds like you had a really amazing day! Wish i had got to meet Tom Ellis! I had a mixed bag this year.. I started the day with Rey mysterio, i was getting his autograph for a friends son who could not attend due to his disability. He had a sign up saying "no photos" but when i explained who the auto was for he happily let me take some photos of him signing to show the little boy. Im not a wrestling fan myself but he was a true gentleman. Next up was devon Murray, who was lovely and very kind to my daughter who is autistic and was very shy. Then it was Robert Patrick, he talked for ages and asked me lots of questions and was also really nice to my daughter and very understanding. It was great to meet him. First photo op of the day was Tom Felton who engaged in a bit of playful banter when we mentioned we were hufflepuffs, he really made us laugh. Next photo was blake harrsion, he seemed really down to earth and did the dance from the movie with us. Then as we were leaving he apologised for not spending more time with us! Autograph/photo op with Jason Momoa was a huge disappointment, he wouldnt chat and ignored my questions at the table, and gave off a general bad vibe. This was the same during the photo, which was a shame as heard such good things about him. But then it was kind of crazy with the amount of people waiting to see him,maybe he was as peed off as we were. Brendan Fraser was a star! We were delayed going in and so everyone was a bit flustered(understatement) yet he was calm and was signing to the deaf people in front of me- what a legend. It was truly magical meeting him as i grew up watching him. Saving the best till last, Matthew Lillard! Omg! Another one who was running seriously behind, and by this point it was the end of the day, i was exhausted, emotional, fed up and close to tears. I think i mustve looked a right mess because upon meeting matthew he just shouted at me "fu!!ing hug me!" And gave me the tightest squeeziest hug you can imagine! Really perked me up and absolutely made my day! Would totally neet him again, and hope one day i can! Really lovely bloke!
  5. Haha im glad im not the only one! Lol im certainly going to try! You should go for it too!
  6. I literally just wrote up my schedule LOL will these stay the same now please?
  7. Thanks everyone for your replies! As he sounds quite fun and easy going im tempted to let him take the lead with what pose we do.
  8. Thats a fair point, hadnt thought of that!
  9. Thats so reassuring! Thank you! He sounds like great fun!
  10. Thats a good idea, thank you! Im super nervous, which i havnt been before with any other guest!
  11. Sorry if this has already been asked, but i have a dilemma and while im not a con newbie im hoping some of the more confident attendees can help me... How do you go about asking a guest to do a pose for a photo? I always feel like you dont have much time during a photo op and i know that ill feel hurried and bumble over my words and probably make a huge fool of myself. Obviously something i dont want to do! So my husband and i have a running joke about me meeting jason moma and how "ill run off with him" LOL so i thought it would be funny to do a pose with maybe one hand on his chest and one leg up wrapped round him (if that makes sense,its so hard to describe poses lol) do you think this would be too much/cheeky/embarrassing??? Or if you think hed also find this funny (ive seen in other peoples photos that hes quite game for a laugh) how do i ask him to do this without sounding creepy/idiotic and going as red as a beetroot? And how do i do this in the limited time frame that we have? Im way more stressed about this than i should be,can you tell?
  12. Oh i will most definitely be like that! Lol
  13. What a lovely story! Im getting an autograph for my friends son as he cant attend due to severe autism and cerebral palsy and its his birthday the week after lfcc. I have been contemplating asking for a a happy birthday video as it would make his dreams come true,but didnt want to be cheeky! So good to read that others have asked similar and been successful!
  14. Im really hoping that with linda Hamilton on board they will pull it out the bag. I liked genesys as as a sequal but 3 and4 were naff. I actually prefer 2 to the original !!
  15. With the "my agenda" section, how do we know which session to add? As it doesnt say which batches will be called in which sessions? Thrilled to have the app,but will still lug around my trusty comic con folder! Hahaha
  16. So how does everyone feel about the new terminator film? Im personally thrilled that we are getting sarah connor back in all her badass glory. But just hoping the storyline lives up to expectation, as apparently it ignores all the altered timelines that were created in the previous films. So thoughts? Feelings?
  17. Sorry if this sounds dumb... we will be needing to collect an access pass for my daughter, do we queue in the main queue first for her pass or collect it somewhere else and then skip the main big queue? Help much appreciated thank you
  18. CookieS

    BTVS Fans!!

    I did not know this, whoops! Duly noted!
  19. CookieS

    BTVS Fans!!

    Hi Daniel ! Nice to meet a fellow scooby! What Buffy events have you been to? Ive seen a few online but never actually been to a specific buffy con(although it is on my to do list!) Im a late starter to the con scene and didnt attend my 1st till 2017! It was a revelation! Totally hooked now and trying to get as many Buffy autos/photo ops as poss!
  20. Good list!! Ive met... Alyson hannigan Tony head Juliet landau Claire Kramer Marc blucas Hoping to get more this year though!!!
  21. CookieS

    BTVS Fans!!

    Thank you! I will have a look :)
  22. CookieS

    BTVS Fans!!

    Hey all, This is my first time using the forum, so apologies if this doesnt work! I am hoping to meet some other Buffy fans! We seem to be a rare breed these days ! Ive met the odd fan at various cons (Vampire willow if youre on this hello ) but would love to actually make a few like minded friends! The only people i know who like Buffy,like it because i introduced them, so would love a few hardcore fans who i can proper geek out with! Thanks all! Oh & fingers crossed for a buffy guest announcement
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