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  1. Thank you!! That's actually an amazing time for me but the shop is still saying unavailable
  2. Ah quandary without knowing where he'll be in schedule I honestly don't know if it can fit it. I'd love to get a Tardis but we are leaving at 5.30 so if it is late on or s severe overlap I'd just be wasting money awesome last minute guest
  3. Haha not at that price! Would need to include the Diamond guest to be tempting
  4. Yeah I've gone back to the messenger thread to say what Too Tall advised. If I pop to the sales desk hopefully something can be worked out about the unnecessary gold pass i now have Very glad this was just mistaken information. Apologises for anyone that, like me, got concerned! I just wanted to pass on what I had been told. So relieved
  5. This is is actual what the team answering the queries on SMs messenger page pointed to but they prefaced it with it meant when your batch had been called. I did say I'd like to give them feedback that the guidance doesn't specifically mention the batches so it would be useful if that could be updated
  6. They wouldn't have them stand for 45 in the queue but they would need to wait till their batch was called and then they would be pushed brought that queue quickly. I did explain that with Olympia so big go backwards and forwards between the shoots checking batch number etc would be next to impossible for someone with disabilities and waiting till the end till you know the batch number has been called isn't really that helpful either with so many overlaps. I'll wait and hear from the mods.
  7. To be honest I was very surprised and queried it further. But was told that was the rule. If it turns out they were wrong. I'll be absolutely raging cause I just bought a gold pass as I couldn't see any other way I could cope and I'd already spent too much money to pull out. If we get it confirmed that it is the way we thought and the info I was given was incorrect I hope I can get a refund
  8. Thank you. I've gone back to Too Talls original post and does say if you have gold go to that entrance there will be extra help points there so I don't think I'll need to go all the way round to the other entrance which is a relief
  9. When I contacted SM they said to go from the access desk to the diamond desk so I'm not sure they will actually be all together but the two desks are in the same area
  10. Hi apologies if this has been asked. I did try to look. I've just bought a gold pass to take the stess out of all my photo shoots lol. I am only going on Sunday so my questions is about the two diamond talks my pass gets me into. I would use these for Meatloaf and D Gillies/P Wesley. Is there anything I need to do to ensure that these are the ones I can get into also just check I also have extra assistance. If I read the entrance post properly do I just go to the gold area - where my one diamond pass will also be. And there will also be an extra assistance table in that area. Is
  11. Such a good guest. Met him a few years ago and came across as such a friendly guy
  12. Hi there ive just had confirmation from SM (Facebook messenger) that this is not the case. With extra assistance you need to still wait for your batch. Just wanted to post this because it's an absolute game changer for me. I'm actually not sure how I'm going to manage the convention at all now so wanted to give others a heads up so they can plan accordingly
  13. It definitely opens differently for me and it zooms etc much better than on this post but the one on the website is still the draft schedule
  14. Does anyone know if the schedule on the main lfcc page will be updated? I find it easier to read. Before anyone has a go I totally understand that they are busy I'm just asking the question
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