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  1. Awesome , any chance of asking if his partner Tamzin Malleson will be coming too ?!
  2. The only issue i had with the weekend was smokers !! The only exit we could use was cluttered with smokers , EVERYWHERE!! There was literally nowhere to go outtside to get any fresh air on saturday as every spot was occupied , not only immediately outside the door..... over the road , by the pub , down the road opposite entrance H !! PLEASE find a central point where they can ALL go, away from an access door and leave the rest of the place smoke free
  3. Hope you got your autograph ok , she was open queue with no one in line at 5pm on Sunday
  4. Much the same as you I’m not a frequent visitor to LFCC even though I don’t live too far away . This year I initially decided to come on the Saturday as one of the guests was a Saturday only , which then changed to Saturday and Sunday after I was committed with ticket purchases no diamonds was just going for vq As more guests were added and the schedule published there was an opportunity to get some photos and autographs on the Friday evening , there was no queue when I got there at 5 , easy to get round the stalls and completed what I wanted to do. when I checked the weather f/c I realised that sitting in the rain for several hours on Saturday morning to get low vq for a couple of guests was stupid so for the first time I bought a diamond and had a lie in but then panicked that the queue would be crazy so got there at about 10 and in the venue by 11, in retrospect this was a stupid idea by me as it became apparent by about 1 there was no real queue and people were just walking straight up to the ticket gate ,so I could have rocked up then and still got it all done however Saturday was crazy busy and I had problems coping with the crowds . one of the photos I had done on Friday was not good , I was too disheveled and had chance to go on Sunday and meet the guest again and this was much better, there were still quite a few guests still there at 5pm will little or no queue SO if I went again I would go either later on Friday and Sunday which gave me more time to look at the stalls in reasonable comfort , get my photo ops done though if I wanted things signed arriving that late it would be diamond purchases all this probably wasn’t much help,in your future decision making but using the schedule worked to my advantage this year
  5. I thought that would be the case , id heard that from a different event and wondered if it would be the same , fortunately i didnt have anything from that film so any disappointment avoided , cheers for the update
  6. maybe they could clear out the holding bay area as a chill zone , once the pre queue is in at 9 then its a dead space thereafter until the following morning
  7. Maybe Showmasters don’t have a say but if the cloakroom/ left luggage facility which is actually going to be open is marked on the map rather than the three that are , only one of which was available would be a great help
  8. I’ve met Jenna before and usually get a smile and handshake so agree yesterday afternoons shoot was a bit odd as she never spoke though I did get a nod when I thanked her however I thought it was a “better” experience as she was more animated with poses
  9. Also yesterday maybe a lot of people left it later to arrive hoping to avoid the early rain , especially if they had the option to do pm shoots , that’s what I did
  10. The queue from back to front was about was about 40 mins when I joined it just after 10 , it wasn’t raining then either
  11. Really lucky , joined queue at 10.10 up by pizza express and was in the hall at 10.50 AND it wasn’t raining then either. bit daunting when you first get there but it moves quickly
  12. nothing wrong with being bling!! Saturday Ian Mcdiarmid 18.30 - 19.00
  13. spot on , another 10 batches just added to the shop for Saturday
  14. irrelevant anyway as filming of any kind is not allowed but your dad would need a photoshoot ticket also to get into the area
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