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  1. is there anything Christina wont be happy to sign ? Ive heard she sometimes doesnt sign stuff from certain films
  2. Thank you for the clarification :)
  3. Not done this before so just curious , Can buying early admission give you any queue / entry privilege over standard entry, should for any reason you arrive once standard admission tickets are being allowed in? ....if that makes sense?
  4. I did something similar a while back , i explained to the guest at the auto table what i wanted to do , she was fine with it and remembered me when i was at the photoshoot . I bought two photo op tickets , one shot with the item and one shot without .
  5. Oooh fab announcement! hope she makes it this time , ive has a poster waiting to be signed for ages , must check its not faded away!!
  6. paulo

    London Bike Ride

    ahhh ok , sorry last post was months ago , so didnt know
  7. Just a heads up on LFCC weekend its the London Bike Ride again , heres the link to the TFL guide to road closures etc https://tfl.gov.uk/status-updates/major-works-and-events/ridelondon
  8. paulo

    Pamela Anderson

    http:// tweaked mine a bit
  9. paulo

    Pamela Anderson

    Just a technicality , it's actually a copyright infringement to mess with the photos
  10. One observation from today , could guests that are in an enclosed area have an identification poster on both ends of the "cell" ? Depending on which way you approached it you had no idea who it was , I missed out on a couple due to not finding them and the vq tickets being quite high when I did
  11. paulo

    Natalie Dormer Appreciation :)

    managed to get my poster signed first thing this morning , she loved the pic , to which I replied (cheese alert) yes me too as it's got you in it , she let out the dirtiest giggle ever and said noooo was a fab photographer on that shoot , hello again she said at the photo shoot later in the afternoon , all credit for heR remembering ! Loved her
  12. At Pamela's auto they queued all the diamonds up first regardless of when they arrived then lined the VQ tickets up in numerical order , even though I wasn't diamond super job!,