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  1. My Three are Jeff Goldblum, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Maya Hawke. All very unlikely and pricey but I'd snap up a Diamond Pass in a flash if they announced any of them!
  2. If I'd had more money in my budget I would definitely have met Robert Carlyle and Val Kilmer. I really regret missing Mr Kilmer after hearing all the great and wonderful experiences people had with him. I doubt I'll have the chance again but I would love to see him back. I was only there on the Saturday so missed some great Friday and Sunday only guests. I would really have liked to meet Genevieve Gaunt´╗┐ as I am currently watching Knightfall. Did anyone meet her? Was she a great guest to meet? Hopefully she'll be back another time.
  3. Hi Raylenth, Thank you for the reply, I assumed that would be the case. I will take your advice and upgrade on the day at the Sales Desk. I'll keep an eye on the Diamond passes too in case they look like selling out and may purchase the Diamond pass anyway. Worst case scenario: Two Photos with Jenna
  4. Hi, I purchased a Photo op with Jenna Coleman a while ago before she had a diamond pass and now I wanted to upgrade. I assume the way this is done is to purchase the Diamond pass and then get a refund on the photo. I emailed shop@showmastersevents.com but got an automated reply as everyone is Out of office for the weekend. I will purchase the diamond pass but don't want to miss out on the photoshoot refund, equally I don't want anyone missing out if she is sold out. Any help would be much appreciated!
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