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  1. think you might be getting crossed with James Tolken I think he said that and doesnt do quotes anymore
  2. during bag search would be so much more convenient
  3. where are we picking up diamond passes??
  4. urgh is that down to the handlers discretion is it worth me asking if i can do my 6 while there?
  5. very true i always get hit by them being at lunch, talks photos etc and have to wait all day but thats how it is Also not sure if all those guests even have VQs are does everyone have it? I need 6 Christoper Lloyd is it ok to buy the other 5 when i'm there with my DP?
  6. so basically I need Lloyd straight away as I want to get him out the way - this is my current battle plan! I'm not sure how popular the other guests below will be or do you think I should literally get ALL VQs before getting DP? The majority are back to the future and E.T cast 1) GO TO ENGLUND AND GET VQ TICKET 2) GET DP FROM WHEREVER YOU PICK IT UP 2) GO TO LLOYD AND GET AUTOS 3) GO TO WELLS, FULLILOVE & MCCAIN AND GET AUTOS 4) GO TO THOMAS, MACNAUGHTON & WALLACE AND GET AUTOS. 5) GO TO DAVI AND GET AUTO 6) GO TO ENGLUND AND GET AUTO WITH VQ
  7. Just seems silly that unless you live near Olympia let alone London, whos gonna travel to pick up a pass? We all want to get to the event early to que I just hope its organised so you can collect your DP as part of that process and not have to go and que somewhere else as well! We want to be running for VQ's not queing again for DP's!
  8. Can I pick this up in the main que hall bag search?
  9. that would be great as I dont want to have to reque to get that after queing to get into the event
  10. Where exactly do you collect the DP though is anyone from SM able to say?
  11. ah thanks for that mate as I am planning to go Friday and want to be in early to grab Englunds VQ so this was stressing me out that i'd have to que again! Christopher Lloyds DP is still on batch 1 so assuming I can que to get in, run and grab Englunds VQ then go back and get the DP then go straight to Lloyd if I cant get it while queing?
  12. is there now way to print out diamond pass? I cant go into london the day before to collect it!
  13. Thats kind of annoying so you have to go there before you can que on the day? Is that even open at 7am? Just seems weird your made to go to the venue before you plan to be there
  14. Sorry pick it up from where? I dont live anywhere near Olympia
  15. sorry for all the questions went to checkout DP and its asking me what batch from 1-6 I want, assume Batch 1 means I get in the first called?
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