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  1. Can i just pitch in and say thank you from the bottom of my heart to Showmasters for ridding me of my fear from last years mishap,because this year the crew went above and beyond in helping me and my friend who was my carer. from the moment i entered to the moment i left every single need was cared for. i even screwed up during the line for meatloaf talk and lined up in the wrong one but the lady in charge saw my band and waved me in rather then have me go back out and line up in the correct line. the crew at the green screen photo area's were lovely too. Literally the only downside was from OTHER con attendee's. i heard, more then once, people complaining that we were being left in ahead of them. one lady said she was in line for over half an hour so why couldn't we do the same and was trying to push in ahead of the extra help people at the talk area being pretty put out about us getting in ahead of her. trust me, if i could line up like a "normal" person, i would. i would gladly do it wholehearted because it meant i didn't have a disability that caused me terrible pain that then brought on terrible anxiety. All in all, thank you showmasters, your rock!
  2. I have always been amazed at how efficient the photo area crew are with special need people, mostly wheelchairs and also do it in a way that we don't tend to feel like we are being a bother or annoying people,even before this new wrist band thing came in before if i told the red shirt person at the photo area i couldn't stand for long without any need to explain i'd be brought to the top of the line and they'd politely ask the people there can i pop in and join the line. I love the staff inside the convention hall, they are amazing.i might not be wheelchair bound myself but i have very poor balance skills and wobble a lot so i too appreciate wide open doors and such in case i bump into people.
  3. I think so? lol. you'd think after years of traveling on the tube i'd be used to knowing the names of the routes i'm taking by now! also, from earls court to the olympia should be ok right? cause i got used to using that train dressed as chaplin but dont think ill be brave enough to grab a bus lol. i'm pretty sure thats an overground, not sure, maybe is though
  4. Yes I knew that, its after ten you are aloud, but i was told at no time whatsoever was i aloud into the main convention and would be asked to leave if i tried. very confusing I filled out my form yes. last month. all i have that might work is disability parking disk but can't take it with me for fear of losing it. also wow, thanks for the amazing fast response, you rock queen :-)
  5. Need some follow up help with this, sorry if already asked. Last year i was told we needed to go to where people collected their Diamond passes to collect the special assistance wrist band, but the amount of hassle i got for it was more then a bit annoying. I have a YALC ticket each year but got told by the lady handing out the wrist bands at that desk that the YALC ticket didn;t allow me into the convention, just one floor and that my green social welfare card (ireland) didn't work and i had to prove i was disabled. in ireland this card is how i prove i'm disabled, so what else do i bring? and where do i collect my band as a YALC ticket holder. would really like to not repeat my experience from last year it was pretty upsetting being told my limp was fake.
  6. Will this affect the train from heathrow to earls court?
  7. Another good spot, if your okay with the short train ride to the convention center Kensington premier inn. iv'e stayed there twice now and its a really nice hotel
  8. Wouldn't be a LFCC for me without chappers in the bag, so of course charlie chaplin cosplay is coming to london with me again. its the highlight of my year walking around earls court in that costume and traveling on public transport as so many people seem to love it, one year even had total strangers that had no clue about the convention running up to me asking for photos in the tube station and i then put them on to the convention, a policeman too who in return for putting him on to an awesome convention opened the police telephone box for me in earls court so i could "get a picture inside the tardis" coolest police man ever lol l Now, as for the other days, i think i may go chaplin for both saturday and sunday, not doing the friday, thats our sight seeing day. main reason for this would be less packing lol and also more photo ops. but if i do decided on something else it would likely be an anime cosplay.
  9. i understand the need to keep on guard for people faking disabilities. but i did hand her the card that is only handed to disabled people in ireland that clearly states i am disabled. thats when i started to feel like she was being nasty. she also very clearly stated no YALC ticket holders were aloud into the convention without a LFCC official ticket. that was made very clear, even after i showed her my photoshoot tickets. thats why i was getting so upset
  10. Hi all! thank you to everyone that made the convention memorable for me. i thought i'd share some of my memories and a bit of feedback here. Friday: cons: we arrived at 3pm. i explained to a lady in the main hall that i never received my special assistance email despite emailing them constantly and was told very bluntly that i had to prove i was disabled, despite the fact i walk with a very obvious limp and showed her my social welfare card as proof from ireland. in the end she just gave up, seemed annoyed with me and gave me the wrist band. then when she asked to see my ticket she tells me to go around to the yalc entrance (security had made me walk to hall H ) but was adamant that if i entered the main convention (lfcc) i would be asked to leave, that YALC ticket holders were only aloud to enter YALC. i grew panicked and told her she was misinformed, as i attend every year with yalc tickets. she grew a bit cranky and said no, she was right. then told me saturday was sold out so no use in me coming tomorrow and to try sunday. i was close to tears and made to walk all the way around to yalc, in so much pain from all the walking. Pro: once in YALC entrance the lovely security guard calmed me down before letting me in and the man handing out the bands confirmed i was aloud in to LFCC after ten. i knew it! i have no idea why that lady thought other wise. the YALC section staff were angels, honestly. Saturday: Cons: Lines, thats it, nothing else. Pros: The staff inside the con. honestly, angels! once they saw my extra help band they couldn't do enough for me. thank you so much. YALC was a haven to rest in. John Cleese made my day and getting the very last question in the Benedict talk was amazing! i left feeling so happy. also the love for my chaplin costume was wonderful. thank you all. Sunday: cons: missing guests everytime i went for an autograph. and again, lines in autographs. that is all Pros: this goes out to the bag checking gents at the YALC entrance. my bag strap snapped as i handed it over and even though it wasn't his job to do so the older of the two spent some time fixing the bag for me while the other spoke to me about my favorite anime to distract me from the panic the broken bag caused. if that was gone id have to buy a new one and my budget could not afford it! meaning id have to miss out on autos. it was fixed and they sent me off with lovely smiles. all in all, my only issue was friday. i really hate being reminded im disabled and that woman made me feel so low i was close to tears and in so much pain from all the unnecessary walking. aside from that, it was a lovely convention, thank you for the memories!
  11. If so. please don't be shy to come to me sunday as i dress as undertaker and would love some photo's. especially a ciel one with me being all creepy asking you about "wanting a coffin" or a grell swooning over me lol. also if you see a chaplin saturday plllleaaase take as much photos as you like. i love the attention that cosplay gets me ^_^. don't be shy, i like nice big hugs too! share the love
  12. Myself and friend flying in from ireland about 11:44am so will be up for 7am. well, thats what im telling myself but lets be real here, i aint sleeping lmao. meeting john cleese? really? nah boi, no sleep for me lol. we also want to get some sightseeing done. i hope there is no issues with the tubes cause i aint putting out any cash for taxis O_O
  13. Hey all! I'll be in london for LFCC next friday to monday and i thought before going and checking out apps myself i'd ask all of you whats best to download or what maps to get on my phone or whatever since you all live in london. We will be going to the phantom of the opera saturday night and on friday to the london eye so what lines are the best to take? are there any issues with the tube over the weekend that i should be aware of? thanks so much for help in advance and if your at the convention over the weekend and you spot a charlie chaplin cosplayer then please come and say hi!
  14. Hope you don't mind me asking, but how old are you? if you're like a teenager or something it might be allowed. my career comes with me sometimes as i have to lean on her or she explains why i can't talk much if i go to get something signed at the very end of the day and im in too much pain to talk. I guess it's all just about the rules of certain guests. like colin baker doesn't mind more then one person chatting to him and i even go to him when he's got no one and chat to him when i don't get an auto cause i want him to know how much i appreciate his work. iv'e done this with lots of actors and they seem to like the chance to chat but i only ONLY do it when they are not busy and look actually bored out of their heads waiting for people heh
  15. I contacted Alex (author of frozen charlotte) on facebook (lovely lady :-) ) and asked her did she know what days she was going to be there and told me she didn't even have a schedule yet.so i assume if authors don't have it then we wont get one either until nearer the time. though as someone mentioned i can't recall it being posted here last year and i only got it with my goodie bag in the yalc program. looking forward to seeing you guys there! love meeting other yalc lovers
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