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  1. Hi guys so close now! Does the showmasters App work for Spring Comicon or just for London in July. It didn't seem to have Spring on the App! Cheers
  2. When will some wrestling guests be announced for London Comic Con & Spring?
  3. Bring back DEMOLITION again!! Ax & Smash
  4. I've purchased the Diamond pass for Robert Englund. Which i get a photo with. Would I still need to pay £75 for the separate photo shoot with Ken & would this be in costume/makeup Thanks guy
  5. Do you think Alice will wear his usual make-up for the photo-shoot? Cheers GUYS
  6. Hi Guys Does anyone know when we can apply for extra help passes? My wife is attending Spring Comicon and is Disabled, she holds a blue badge and uses crutches. She would need this pass to help her out, I have seen on the website that applications will go up early in the new year but so far I haven't seen anything. cheers for you're time guys Regards Blane
  7. Yes Queen_sindel & Raylenth exactly to frame my photo with him. I wish i got my Shining Twins picture framed.
  8. Hello guys Its coming round so quick now isn't it! I just wondered if they will be selling the storyboards at Spring comicon this year or if anyone knows about them, I missed them this year at London. Would love to frame my pic with Robert (Freddy) thanks again everyone! LEGENDS Blane
  9. Thankyou friendly Dalek! Also no VQ ticket is required with a DP however it sais you will be called by number! How does this work. Thankyou for you're time it's much appreciated! Regards Blane
  10. Hi guys, This will be my first Diamond Pass I've purchased. (Robert Englund) Do you collect your pass on the day, when you arrive or collect it before the show. I have printed my E-ticket for it to bring along. Thanks once again guys for your help and advice.. Regards Blane
  11. Hi guys getting closer now. Ive Got my Diamond Pass, do I need VQ tickets ? Thanks guys as always Blane
  12. Do you think Robert will wear the make-up for the photoshoot. Alot of people say he doesn't anymore ? Cheers guys
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