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  1. I printed my tickets off for Friday 19/11/21 but on the actual ticket it has Friday 23rd July. Obviously this was when I bought them for the original date before it got cancelled. Will this will still be a valid ticket to get me entrance on the day. Kindest regards Thank you Blane
  2. Does anyone know when Alice Cooper will definately be confirmed for London July Conicon? Cheers guys
  3. Is the event still going ahead? I want to book my tickets.. I want to see Karen Allen Cheers guys
  4. I Can't seem to buy photo shoot tickets for WWE Road Warrior Animal. According to the website he is doing a photo shoot. But when you try to buy tickets his name is not there listed like the others. Please help kindest regards
  5. Hope the event is still Happening! I've bought a replica wanderers jacket to get signed!
  6. What are the chances of (LFCC 20) being cancelled this year? I hope it won't, I really want to buy my ticket and KAREN ALLEN photo shoot. But worried it won't happen. Suppose refunds will be issued if it happens...
  7. Hi guys so close now! Does the showmasters App work for Spring Comicon or just for London in July. It didn't seem to have Spring on the App! Cheers
  8. When will some wrestling guests be announced for London Comic Con & Spring?
  9. Bring back DEMOLITION again!! Ax & Smash
  10. I've purchased the Diamond pass for Robert Englund. Which i get a photo with. Would I still need to pay £75 for the separate photo shoot with Ken & would this be in costume/makeup Thanks guy
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