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  1. London Overground Heads-Up

    thank you WhiteWillow :) whats the walk like from Shepherds bush to the Olympia? or would you advise us to go an alternative tube route, my dad with me is 71 years old, so I'm sure he would prefer not to walk and sit on a train/tube and chill for a little longer if it means less walking :)
  2. London Overground Heads-Up

    Hi, I am coming in from Stratford London station - does this affect the central line which I was going to take to Shepherds bush direct then walk to Olympia? I have not used the London over/under ground for years, so a complete novice in this area... help!
  3. Diamond Pass Help

    Thanks again Raylenth! super help, this makes sense, appreciate your time, now I can chill knowing how it works :)
  4. Diamond Pass Help

    That makes sense, so for the Auto, do I just show my DP to the crew member at the desk once I get to the front and then choose a photo for Megan to sign, as I won need to pay for anything will I, or do I get an Auto ticket to use/hand in at her desk or something like that? Thanks again Ray, sorry for the questions, all new to me
  5. Diamond Pass Help

    That's understandable - so for the Photo Ops I just join in the back of the queue of what ever queue is there - so that's the same for the Auto queue too? I would just join the back of the current VQ? as I wouldn't know the Auto start time of Megan until I turn up at the event to know when to queue from?
  6. Diamond Pass Help

    Yeah that's what I thought re having auto same time as the Photo, would be so time consuming - I think they only did this for the DP people for Pele as he was unable to move much bless him, so the DPs did both as he was sitting down anyway for the photo's and there was a Cap of the amount of DPs for Pele if I remember rightly.. great advice as always buddy, I got the DP quite early so probably a low number? so do I just join the Auto Queue when I like? what if she has a massive queue already, do I go ahead of the VQ ticket holders?
  7. Diamond Pass Help

    Thanks Raylenth Glad the DP collection is before the entry, make sense - thanks :) Yes Megan DP we have to make a choice when buying the DP ticket for the Photo Op to be on Saturday or Sunday, so I chose Sunday and bought a Sunday entrance ticket thinking the Auto will be done with the Photo, but glad I checked as now I know to queue for the Auto separate, so potentially get the Auto on Saturday (if I buy a Saturday entry ticket too) - thanks again guys :)
  8. Diamond Pass Help

    Thanks Natedammit! Sorry to be in CM.. #headspam what if my Pass number is called on the Saturday morning, but my chosen day is Sunday? (I only have a Sunday entry pass currently - will they let me in Saturday to collect my DP and then leave to come back on the Sunday?)
  9. Diamond Pass Help

    Hi I have a Sunday diamond pass for Megan who is there on Saturday and Sunday, am I able to collect the Pass on the Saturday to save time on the Sunday and also, could I get the Auto on the Saturday or does she sign/do the Auto with the Photo on my chosen day of Sunday? As I remember last year at Brum, Pele diamond passes got their photo taken and memorabilia signed by Pele at the same time, so no 2 separate queues... Just want to make sure I queue or turn up at the right place for the photo and then the Auto if they are separate to one another? thank you :)
  10. Thanks Raylenth :)
  11. Great, thank you :) just got to try catch Richard Wilson after his photo shoot, hope he will be doing auto's until late Saturday :)
  12. I have batch 6 Adrian Edmondson (Saturday) will that be PM please?
  13. I will get there Saturday about 2pm, will Richard Wilson be available for Auto's after his photo shoot that I will miss? am I correct in thinking he will be there until 5-6pm? also I assume all the other guests will be at Auto desks before/after photo shoots in case I miss those too? :)
  14. Guest Days & Prices Collectormania 25

    Thats great news as I may try to get there later Saturday to catch some guests :) thanks buddy
  15. Guest Days & Prices Collectormania 25

    Hi, what are the actual attending times (Additional info) for the guests listed at the top please? (as I see time slots for the sports guests but not the others?)