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  1. Guest Days & Prices Collectormania 25

    ok thank you buddy - had a great time last time :) Pele was a legend :)
  2. Guest Days & Prices Collectormania 25

    will we be having sports guests again like NEC Birmingham 2017?
  3. Escape to Victory

    I am a HUGE fan of Michael Caine and Sylvester Stallone - will we be getting these guys in at all or the other cast members of E2V to an event at all, or have you in the past?
  4. CM24 Photo Shoot & Talk Schedule Announced

    Can we purchase the photo's of the event on Sunday online (digital copies?) if so, where and when will they be available please? :) PS, loved the event, my first time attending one, and have to say I was impressed with the set up, and NEC. thanks for getting me to meet my legend Pele :)
  5. You know Pele yeah?

    Totally agree, how lovely it was to meet such a legend, he actually thanked ME for coming to see HIM!! - I was like, no Sir Pele, the honour is all mine! thanks guys for organising him to come to this event, what a magical once in a life time opportunity to actually meet the man himself - #dream
  6. CM24 Photo Shoot & Talk Schedule Announced

    How close is photo area A to photo area B please? As I have photo with Charisma at 11:45 (batch 2) Area A then photo with Pele at 12:00 (batch 1) Area B on Sunday
  7. location of collectormania 24

    I am seeing Pele Photo on the sunday only, what Hall will he be in at 12 midday please? so I can see if I can park closer to that hall, and which entrance do you recommend I go to please?
  8. CM24 Photo Shoot & Talk Schedule Announced

    I meant along that road, as in the car parks along that road :) is the entrance to the venue on that road too?
  9. CM24 Photo Shoot & Talk Schedule Announced

    Silly question time: whats the full address (where to park) for this NEC venue for Sunday please, as I just used google map and 2 NEC in birmingham have shown?! :/ do i park along Perimeter road?? And the NEC has star bucks and wetherspoons etc inside the venue? (I don't get out much and never been lol)
  10. CM24 Photo Shoot & Talk Schedule Announced

    I see ok thanks, I have a 3 hour drive so trying to work out the time to get there, and it seems Pele has a small 30 minute slot only for Sunday too! So can't be late?!
  11. CM24 Photo Shoot & Talk Schedule Announced

    I'm having Pele photo and Hurst photo on the Sunday. So I need to be at photo area B to get photo with Pele at 12? Then Hurst at the same area for photo at 1.15pm? Im phase 1 on both photo tickets.
  12. Latest Sports Guest Announcement - HARRY REDKNAPP

    Will he not be there on Sunday? especially to meet me? :)
  13. Latest Sports Guest Announcement - PELE

    thanks guys for your time and replies you've been so helpful :)
  14. Latest Sports Guest Announcement - PELE

    Thanks so much for your time and feedback here, very helpful - its a good 2+ hour drive for me and the trains are soooo expensive (£70 return from Cambridge) looking at my tickets, I am Batch 1 for both Pele and Hurst, but I suspect Hurst wont be as busy as Pele, so I could be in and out with Hurst then join the queue for Pele maybe. but as you say, I shall check the times a week before the day to plan properly :) So on the other post about ian Wright, he would be sat on a table like Paul Gaza etc, and if they are quiet enough I could just walk up and pay £20 and ask for a photo which is cool, but do they stand up for the photo or do you have to lean over them as they sit at the table? do we take the photo ourselves on our camera or do the staff take the photo and hand it to us? thanks again and so sorry for all the questions! :)