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    Diamond Pass Help

    Ahh that’s helped a lot! Thank you so much.
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    Diamond Pass Help

    Hi everyone! First of all, i apologise if there is a similar question/thread elsewhere on this forum. I’ve looked around but could only find bits & pieces of info regarding Diamond Passes. I’ve not attended a Showmasters event before and I’m very tempted now Mads will be a guest in a few weeks time. I understand that a Diamond Pass includes a photo op + autograph + print however I’m a little unsure as to how such passes work. Do i collect the pass in person from the event? Also, how does the pass work with regard to queuing for autos? - I read that photo ops are called by numbers that are on the pass? Does this work the same way for autos?? I apologise if all of these questions seem obvious. As this event is totally new to me I’m a little nervous about how the whole thing works! Thanks in advance for any help.