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  1. Jewel Staite and Paige Turco photo shoots booked!
  2. If I may add my 2 pennies worth on here... I attended Saturday and upon arriving in the holding area within Gate H shortly after 8:30am, it was about 4/5 full. I was kindly directed in the right direction but I noticed some people walking in the opposite direction to me who ended up quite a few rows behind! Shortly after 9am, everyone was let in, with many making a beeline for upstairs. I think it was around 9:30am when I got my bearings on the first floor where guests were signing although here there are two particular points I wish to raise: No one for the life of me could tell me where Bonnie Langford was. I asked a blue t-shirt crew member who asked me to ask someone in red as she did not know. I found a red t-shirt guy who didn't know where she was either! I managed to eventually spot Bonnie tucked away by the Power Rangers Guests with no photo up, just her name. I expressed my dismay to her that she wasn't at least sat with or near Sylvester MCoy and Paul McGann, and she was as surprised herself. The queues backed up against each other meaning there was little room to pass through the middle of them to get to the other side. You may wish to consider for future events that this can be managed better. There was just a sea of people to wade through. Both Sylvester McCoy and Bonnie Langford I should add are superb guests. Very friendly and happy to chat I managed to finish seeing them by 10am which was excellent, allowing me to enjoy the rest of the show. The layout was huge and I felt that better planning for the first floor where the gaming areas were and upstairs where the YALC was situated should be considered for future. The areas were a little sparse. If anything the ground floor was a little crowded and on conversations with some of the stalls, some were not happy where they were situated especially as they had paid quite a bit. The connecting corridor area between the two big floors was rather dark and the stalls said that sales were not great as many people were just passing through without stopping. Perhaps consider this area to be vacant where people can sit down/ eat and have better lighted areas (e.g. the first floor) where it is better lighted for stalls to be situated. That's all I have to say really. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the day and year on year I see improvements but there is always room for more. Many Thanks Showmasters.
  3. I put mine in a plastic folder although I always tend to display two at a time in my study in frames. Currently have Ariana Richards and Liz White on display :)
  4. I asked about this on Friday - not one of the helpers on the front doors could tell me where I could get one. I didn't see anywhere selling them either #missedopportunity. I guess I went home £5 up than I would have been
  5. I would like to say thank you to all the staff on the Friday - I spoke to a fair few during the course of the day (usually for directions!). If they couldn't provide me with a clear answer they'd kindly advise me to a colleague of theirs. Nothing smacked of disorganisation from my perspective regarding the staff. I appreciate things can get manic and things can be changed about but they were all courteous and professional regardless which says oodles for me.
  6. I met Kelly Hu a few years ago when she was in town - despite jetting over from Russia early morn she was very friendly signing and at the photo shoot - bless her she even said she wanted to do another shoot at 5:30pm today! What a trooper :)
  7. I'll probably play a little Arkham Knight before considering what to pack for tomorrow!
  8. I was thinking Carice would be there on Friday since that's what the main site says but clicking thru this forum it says she's only attending Sat and Sun! http://www.londonfilmandcomiccon.com/index.php/9-lfcc-guests/london-guests-filmandtv/216-carice-van-houten
  9. That's Ralph's missus :-) no its not lol ... Oh? My mate thought she was - ah well not that it bothers me
  10. They only had Leonardo and Michelangelo ones - both smell the same to me (smokey bacon). I'll stick em down the radiator at work next to a colleague I'm not so keen on and see whether he notices lol
  11. Ariana was lovely to meet - she was one of my first crushes after watching Jurassic Park
  12. Nicola was great - she took time to tell me what her cryptic tweet was of last night! She also tweeted a reply to me this evening
  13. Today was the best LFCC event that I've attended in years - quick Early Bird Entry shortly after 9am, lots of space and I got all my autos done by 10am! The guests were great - Ariana, Ralph, Catrin, Nicola and Liz were a joy to chat with. Well done Showmasters!
  14. Showmaster's Instagramed their availability for free this morning - four different pizza flavoured ones!
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