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  1. Just trying to book a photo op with Aaron but this isn't listed on the tickets page. Does that mean all photo ops with him have sold out?
  2. A long shot but Mark Calaway (Undertaker)...pretty please?
  3. Thanks so much Raylenth How can anyone forget Sylvester...
  4. I can't see Sylvester listed for any days when trying to buy a photoshoot. Anybody else having this same issue?
  5. Any of the following please! Winona Ryder Sarah Michelle Gellar Gillian Anderson David Tenant Peter Davison Armin Shimerman Brent Spiner David Boreanaz Seth Green James Marsters Eliza Dushku Anthony Stewart Head Michael Keaton Ron Pearlman Nana Visitor Avery Brooks Lance Henrikson Juliet Landau Robia LaMorte Charisma Carpenter Thank you!
  6. Thank you!! Can't wait to meet him, I love me some John Crichton
  7. Thanks so much! It was a nice change from the crowds at LFCC! Had a great time, I hope you enjoyed the day :)
  8. Thanks for being so helpful Raylenth So long as it's not LFCC type big I'm sure we'll able to find it somehow!
  9. This may be a silly question but this is my first time attending the film fair! Will there just be one photoshoot studio or multiple studios? Is there any way to find out where the studio/s will be at The Congress Centre? Not really familiar with the venue Thanks!
  10. I keep missing Tom Baker and I would LOVE to finally meet him. Kevin Conroy Gillian Anderson Mitch Pileggi David Suchet Anthony Stewart Head Seth Green Patrick Stewart Armin Shimmerman Martin Freeman Jonathan Frakes Brent Spiner David Tennant Matt Smith Sarah Michelle Gellar David Boreanaz Please and thank you
  11. It also doesn't help if you don't read anything properly!
  12. This may be a silly question but I'm just about to purchase a photoshoot with Colin for Saturday 27th however under the 'Saturday Photoshoots' options it says July 28th next to it? Might just be a typo but I just wanted to check if that came up for anyone else! Thanks
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