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  1. InfiniteMonkey

    Guest Suggestions

    Would be great if we could try and get some of the Lucifer cast - had a couple of cancellations last Summer, and I’m sure they’d all appreciate a few thousand hugs right now
  2. InfiniteMonkey

    LFCC Comic Zone Guest Signings

    Believe signing schedule was there so people who didn’t feel as confident just going up to the guests could go along to the specific signing area at the appropriate time, but you could still also get stuff signed at the individual tables whenever they were there
  3. InfiniteMonkey

    Guest Suggestions

    Anyone from Babylon 5 (25th anniversary in 2018) Kevin Conroy (and more voice actors in general) Keith David (missed him last time)
  4. InfiniteMonkey

    2018 Anniversaries

    X Files, original Power Rangers, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Frasier and Babylon 5 all turning 25
  5. InfiniteMonkey

    What guests do you want to see next year?

    From this year I now have the DCAU Green Lantern and Flash, so anyone else from the Justice League would be great - if a Kevin Conroy diamond pass ever exists I'm probably going to get one Also, 25th anniversary of Babylon 5 next year and, to be blunt, the intervening years have thinned out that cast considerably- let's try and get who we can while we still have the chance
  6. InfiniteMonkey

    Latest Guest Announcement - KEVIN SMITH

    Can definitely appreciate the frustration with waiting in line, even with diamond pass and the queue being cut down to diamond only I had a long wait this afternoon for my auto, but have to love the guy for trying as long as he could to make sure each person got a great experience - same in the photo shoot (I normally don't bother because tend to be an impersonal assembly line feel, IMO), and keeping the talk going a few questions past being told they were out of time
  7. InfiniteMonkey

    Latest Guest Announcement - KEVIN SMITH

    It's basically this picture with the LFCC logo in the bottom left https://goo.gl/images/Jej7Mc
  8. InfiniteMonkey

    Fatman on Batman Announcement!

    I bought one for £25, also got an autographed photo with that and was happy to take photos - very good value as a guest I'd say as at least today never had a line waiting so was able to chat as long as you liked
  9. InfiniteMonkey

    Guest Cancellation - Walter Koenig

    Yeah, short notice for this time, but fingers crossed for 25th anniversary next year (hint)
  10. InfiniteMonkey

    Guest Cancellation - Walter Koenig

    Dammit- I'll have to continue dealing with the fact the only Babylon 5 cast member I've managed to meet is Lt Keffer...
  11. InfiniteMonkey

    The Comic Zone 2017 schedules are here!

    Can someone clarify on the signing schedule? In the past you've been able to meet the comics guests pretty much all day. For example, Marv Wolfman's down as attending on all 3 days but doesn't seem listed on any panels, signing schedule or portfolio reviews for Friday, so what will he be doing? Don't want to lug my Crisis deluxe hardcover around all day for nothing!
  12. InfiniteMonkey

    Latest Guest Announcement - ANTHONY FORREST

    The guy in the suit, though think someone else dubbed the voice
  13. InfiniteMonkey

    Latest Guest Announcement - KEVIN SMITH

    Whilst it would be weird given he'll be there, believe Kevin isn't explicitly confirmed for the podcast - until Kevin was announced I assumed it'd end up as a free talk on one of the smaller stages
  14. InfiniteMonkey

    Best Batman Voice?

    The trend lately does seem to go over the top with the Bat-voice, personally prefer a more subtle differentiation from Bruce Wayne - Kevin Conroy does that really well, and here's a great example from West
  15. Very excited at the prospect of meeting Marc Bernardin, though I fear it's physically impossible to get someone to autograph a podcast