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  1. maggiem

    Tv and movie guest suggestions

    Hello! I haven't posted for a while as there haven't been any of the hotel-based, specific show-themed cons running for ages. Apart from the Sherlocked events (which I adored) I've not been able to get to the bigger comic-con style events. I did see the Facebook post on your home page saying that you now want to organise some more smaller events in the future. As I don't use Facebook, can I put my 5 cents' worth here? I'd love to see:- Hobbit/LOTR; Harry Potter, especially if you could get some of the actors who have done the stage show alongside the film actors; Gotham would be good too.
  2. maggiem

    Sherlocked UK 2017

    Hi Just out of curiosity, is there going to be a Sherlocked UK in 2018?
  3. maggiem

    Films watched in 2018

    Hear, hear! To say he did the whole thing in just 9 days, it really doesn't show. I also enjoyed The Greatest Showman over the Xmas holiday.
  4. maggiem

    Sherlocked UK 2017

    I was battling with a head cold and cough all week leading up to the con, so I apologise for the noise I made during some of the talks. The problems getting to Birmingham on the Friday didn't help either. Having said all that, I'm so glad I made it! Never got to the parties (too bloody tired), but made the drinks receptions to meet the guests, and the quiz on Sunday, and was part of the winning team. One thing.... with not needing to get every auto and photo, the schedule was more manageable. I really enjoyed the singalong in the queue for Marcia's photoshoot on Sunday afternoon! Here'a hoping for better health next year, and that the dates aren't awkward for booking time off work.
  5. maggiem

    Martin Freeman

    I've been to the play in preview, thought it was brilliant, and now it's opened the reviews have been great! If you can get a seat for it, go!
  6. maggiem

    Party Themes

    I have used the official NHS badge template to help me make an ID badge, and bought an NHS lanyard from Amazon. Wear it with civvies and I'm a consultant paediatrician at St. Caedwalla's Hospital. Still not sure of what to do for the Victorian gothic, though.
  7. maggiem


    This weekend it will be 12 months since last year's event at Excel! Where has the time gone?
  8. maggiem

    Hamlet Help!

    Hi guys! A further heads up, if you haven't seen it elsewhere. We may be waiting a while though.... http://www.bbc.co.uk/mediacentre/latestnews/2017/hamlet-bbc-two-andrew-scott Cheers m'dears P.S. while trying to click the emoticons window to look at all of them, I may have accidentally clicked on "report post" in Littlemisstrouble6179's post above. No offence meant. Sorry!
  9. maggiem

    Hamlet Help!

    Hi! A heads up for anyone who's interested. the NT Live broadcast is going to be shown in cinemas again. Details at the web page below. http://ntlive.nationaltheatre.org.uk/productions/ntlout27-hamlet Cheers
  10. maggiem

    Martin Freeman

    All I know is I've booked my ticket for the play on 30/09/17. Anyone else going?
  11. maggiem

    Latest Guest Announcement - SIAN BROOKE

    Looking forward to seeing her!
  12. maggiem

    Sherlocked UK 2017

    I'm definitely up for meetups during the weekend! Include me in!
  13. maggiem

    Party Themes

    Hi Everybody! What do you think of the party themes? Any ideas for costumes yet?
  14. maggiem

    Latest Guest Announcement - SACHA DHAWAN

    I'm mulling over this as well, but maybe I'll just get my con programme signed this time. Unless there's an updated edition of Chronicles before October?
  15. maggiem

    Latest Guest Announcement - VINETTE ROBINSON

    She was on my wishlist for last year's event, so this is lovely.