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  1. antonio2212

    Guest Suggestions

    Can you try and get any of these celebrities please showmasters. Cobra Kai- Jacob Bertrand, Ralph machio ,Martin kove Horror- tobin bell, Doug Bradley, Brad dourif Back to the future- Michael j fox, Christopher lloyd Doctor who- Matt Smith
  2. antonio2212

    Guest Suggestions

    Can you try and get these celebrities please showmasters. Jacob Bertrand-cobra Kai Jonathan Breck-jeepers creepers Doug Bradley-Hellraiser Andy Serkis-lord of the rings Nick Castle-Halloween
  3. antonio2212

    Guest Cancellation - Martin Kove

    Nooo truly am shocked I was looking forward to meeting him too and I already paid for the photoshoot too
  4. antonio2212

    Guest cancellation - ALEX KINGSTON

    I wish I could meet her ,I just don't have enough money to meet anyone else tho