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  1. mariluz513

    Famke Janssen?

    im sorry but if she was in pain then why did she hug Jeremy Renner so hard during her Q&A? It all sounds a bit fishy to me.
  2. Hi guys, I haven't received my refund yet for the Sunday photoshoot with Kelly as she cancelled last minute. Iv emailed the online shop last week and haven't heard anything. Any idea what I should do next? Cheers
  3. mariluz513


    Overal experience of this event was amazing because of the line up this year. A few pointer which would help the overall LFCC experience would be the following: #Separate the photoshoots and autograph booths on two separate floors. It would make things a lot easier. #ALL guests should have a powerful fan, not a tiny one invade the AC stops working. #Bold clear signs to photoshoot areas, guests boost which high enough to see from afar. #staff member constantly update the ticket orders for photoshoots/autographs on a boards. These should be high enough for everyone to hear. #all photo shoot area should have a voice blaster fro communicate with large stampede of crowds. There's no point shouting! #updated maps stating where you are on that map EVERYWHERE # Clarify what Gold passes and diamon passes includes. Maybe have these printed off everywhere too? # Goodie bags for gold pass holders should also be stated on the SM website where you can pick these up from? I'm sure there are more but these at what I can think of so far
  4. Does anyone know where we need to go to purchase our JPEG images? I can't seem to find any info :/ Cheers, Mariluz
  5. mariluz513

    MJF Singing times for Sat and Sun

    Oops, the title of this Topic is supposed to be signing 😁 not singing
  6. Apologies if this was mentioned in a different thread, what times are the MJF signings for Sat and Sun? Does anyone know if they managed to get through batch 1 today? Cheers :)
  7. mariluz513


    Iv printed off all my photoshoot tickets now, do I need to go get actual photoshoot tickets at the help desk as soon as I get to the venue or can I literally give the member of staff who's at the photo shoot area the paper tickets? Thanks :)
  8. mariluz513

    Nearest train station to the event?

    Does anyone know which entrance we should go to when we get to Olympia?
  9. mariluz513


    Thanks Stuart, makes sense :)
  10. mariluz513


    As a gold pass holder if Gemma is fully booked up for photoshoots, who else can we use our 2x vouchers which are included in the gold pass on? Everyone else are charging £15 :/
  11. mariluz513

    LFCC Talk and Photo Schedule

    Great good to know :) thanks
  12. mariluz513

    LFCC Talk and Photo Schedule

    So to confirm, gold passes can go first at any photoshoot regardless of what batch number they are in?
  13. I do remember clicking all the boxes but its just weird that the extra £2.50 didnt come out of these transactions. I didnt get an email to promt me to pay for the £2.50. hmmYou wont get the email straight away, normally at least a week later. Your tickets are safe though :) Thanks Gaffer, Now i can relax :)
  14. I do remember clicking all the boxes but its just weird that the extra £2.50 didnt come out of these transactions. I didnt get an email to promt me to pay for the £2.50. hmm
  15. mariluz513


    Hi Guys, I purchased two photo shoots and the gold pass ticket recently on three sepereate transactions. I didnt see the E-ticket add on costing £2.50 at the end of my bill despite me clicking on it. Is there a way I can add these on so my tickets are valid? Cheers :)