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  1. FYI everyone. David is due to start signing again at 3pm. They just called out VQ #130
  2. I'm just happy Zachary will be there. Absolutely loved Chuck.
  3. Being a big fan of Person of Interest, & after meeting Michael Emerson this year, more of the cast especially Jim Caviezel & Amy Acker. Also, as Twin Peaks returns next year, some more of the original cast. Got to meet Sherilyn Fenn last year so it would be awesome if Kyle MacLachlan and Ray Wise could attend. Otherwise the following: Cast of Chuck - especially Zachary Levi, Yvonne Strahovski or Adam Baldwin and it is the 10th anniversary next year. Cast of Preacher - Dominic Cooper, Joseph Gilgun or Ruth Negga Cast of Reservoir Dogs - it is the 25th anniversary in 2017 Scott Bakula Winona Ryder Christian Slater
  4. and Army of Darkness was out in 1992 so has it's 25th Anniversary next year. If there has ever been a time to get Bruce Campbell next year is it
  5. As far as TV guests go. I've listed them under TV shows that I liked but many have starred in other TV shows & films Twin Peaks Kyle MacLachlan Michael Ontkean M├Ądchen Amick Lara Flynn Boyle Sheryl Lee Babylon 5 Bruce Boxleitner Claudia Christian Mira Furlan Walter Koenig 3rd Rock From The Sun (20 year Anniversary) John Lithgow Kristen Johnston Joseph Gordon-Levitt French Stewart Person Of Interest Jim Caviezel Michael Emerson Sarah Shahi Amy Acker Taraji P. Henson Kevin Chapman
  6. Don't forget Terminator 2 is 25 years old next year. Would celebrating that help bring Arnie, Linda, Edward & Robert over? One can only hope
  7. It's actually July 15th-17th 2016 which is quite worrying as that is exactly 1 year from now. Will the summer LFCC2016 be happening the same week as this? As for the Spring event, I showed the ad to many people over the weekend and, apart from being surprised it was announced so quietly, some had reservations about it. Still, I'm sure SM are probably in some (advanced) talks already if they have chosen to advertise this now
  8. I remember the stall you're talking about but I can't remember their name. There are some planetary holiday posters done by an artist called Steve Thomas. The titles are not the same as what you mentioned although they look very similar to what I can recall. He has an online store here Hope that helps
  9. What!? I got a Gone Girl Keyring, How to Train your Dragon 2 Ice Cube Mould and a book of life magnetic frame!!!!! Same here. The photo vouchers were worthwhile as I could use them against higher priced photo shoots, in my case the BIll Paxton photoshoot, but it was just a shame the same couldn't have been applicable to the signature vouchers. The guest room was OK - it was cool, away from the crowds, provided free water and allowed for moments of calm. As for the gold pass itself, this was only my 2nd ever con & the 1st time I got one. It got me in without queueing, it gave me peace of mind knowing I'd get what I bought and I didn't have to stay standing in a queue for too long or be part of the dense crowds that would be gather around for the more popular guests. It was especially useful for the Back to the Future Cast talk. Personally, I felt it was invaluable & I'll definitely be getting gold passes again
  10. Only my 2nd ever con & I went mainly for photos & talks. Over the 3 days, I got 13 photos, 4 talks, 1 signing & a quick chat wtih Dan Slott.
  11. Seeing as she cancelled I'd like Sherilyn Fenn to come back with other members of the Twin Peaks cast, especially Kyle Maclachlan. An Agent Cooper double-shoot with Audrey Horne would be awesome. I'm sure they've been before but, as I'm new to cons, I'd like to see David Duchovny & Gilllian Anderson together From more recent shows I'm loving Person of Interest so any, but preferably all, of the following: Jim Caviezel, Michael Emerson,Sarah Shahi & Amy Acker. Plus Bear the dog if possible
  12. This was my 1st ever comic con, I went by myself and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it. Yes I had to queue Friday, Saturday & Sunday but chatting to people in the queue certainly passes the time and, as the OP stated, it was great watching all the cosplay characters walking pass. My one gripe was how hot it was on Saturday. But I learnt and, on Sunday, I just brought anti-persperant & wet-wipes with me. I just locked myself in a toilet cubicle,cleaned myself up and off I went again So...I got to have photos with Summer Glau, Lena Headley, Edward James Olmos and Jamie Bamber & Terry Farrell. I must thank the guy who I was chatting to in the queue for the Edward James Olmos/Jamie Bamber double-shoot. He unexpectedly handed me a free photo ticket for Terry Farrell. Whoever you are, thank you. I'd have loved to have met Stan Lee too but I was aware that I wouldn't get the chance, tickets were sold out online when i booked and it was my own fault for not checking again when further tickets were made available. However, my big disappointment was Sherilyn Fenn cancelling. I was a big Twin Peaks fan back when it originally aired. I'd have loved to have met her. I'll definitely be going to the winter event and, hopefully, I can encourage some of my friends/work colleagues to come along too. One last thing...I can't find the actual posts but thank you to all the various forum users who posted advice & tips for us new people. I went through the forum posts just before the con started and they helped a lot to make it so enjoyable.
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